CS 101 Algorithms and Programming I, Spring '99
(8:40-10:30 T, 8:40-9:30 Th, EB162)
Labs (8:40-12:30 F, EA411)

Dr. Tugrul Dayar
Department of Computer Engineering and Information Science, EA521
Office Hours: (13:40-14:30 T, 13:40-14:30 Th (or if this is not possible, by appointment from 1981)

Course Description:
CS101 is about using computers and solving problems. Students will learn how computers function and how to use them as a tool to do useful things. The main emphasis, however, is on the design and implementation of custom programs. The course stresses software engineering principles throughout. Adopting a design methodology helps produce programs which are "right first time" and, moreover, are maintainable. No previous knowledge of computers or programming is assumed.
Textbook: Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, John Lewis & William Loftus, Addison-Wesley, 1998.
Recommended Java Books:
Course Outline:


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