CS 518 , Spring '04
Capacity Planning for Web Services
10:40-12:30 T, 11:40-12:30 Th (EA502)

Dr. Tugrul Dayar
Department of Computer Engineering (521 Engineering Building)
Office Hours: 13:40-15:30 T (or if this is not possible, by appointment from 1981)

Course Objectives:
Business, government agencies, and individuals, are increasingly dependent on
Web services for their day-to-day operation. As a consequence, quality of service,
in particular performance and avilability considerations are becoming extremely
important. Web services rely on large-scale systems that consist of thousands of
computers, networks, software components, and users. Large scale systems are
inherently complex. The randomness associated with the way users request Web
services compounds the problem of managing and planning the capacity of those
services. The Web has special features that make its performance problems unique
and demand novel approaches to dealing with them. This course presents a sound
and practical approach to addressing these challenges using models based on
probability fundamentals and the theory of queueing networks. In this way, it
provides a quantitative approach to analyzing Web services, which lends itself
to the development of performance and availability predictive models for managing
and planning the capacity of Web services.
  1. A course on probability
  2. A course on computer networks, operating systems, or distributed systems
  3. To be a graduate (i.e., MS or PhD) student

You should bring your textbook to class.
Course Outline:
Late assignments will be penalized 20% per day.
Please see the Bilkent University policy for academic honesty.