System Performance Evaluation: Methodologies and Applications, 2000

TITLE: A Generalization of a TCP Model: Multiple Source-Destination Case 
with Arbitrary LAN as the Access Network

AUTHORS: Oleg Gusak and Tugrul Dayar

ABSTRACT: This paper introduces an analytical model of an access scheme for 
Wide Area Network resources. The model is based on the TCP-modified Engset 
model of Heyman, Lakshman, and Neidhart. The proposed model employs a LAN 
with arbitrary topology as the access network and is able to take into 
consideration files of arbitrary size. Through simulations, we show that our 
model is applicable for the multiple source case where each source corresponds 
to a different Web server at a possibly different location on the Internet. 
The average reception time of a file computed analytically is acceptably 
close to the simulation results.

KEYWORDS: TCP-Reno, TCP-modified Engset model, LAN-WAN access scheme