Internship i-Vis Information Visualization Lab is looking for motivated undergraduate students as interns, especially during summers, to work (certain positions are paid) in our research and development projects. Please contact me before the end of April if you're interested in joining us during this summer.
Senior Projects and Research Course A list of current and past senior term projects, mostly part of research projects at i-Vis, can be found here. Similarly, a list of current and past CS 490 projects can be found here.
Reference Letters Who qualifies for a reference from me? The following may roughly be used to determine whether one qualifies to get up to eight reference letters from me. Those who score at least two points w/ the following scoring system:
  • +1 for each course taken from me
  • +1 for doing their summer practice under my supervision
  • +2 for doing their senior project under my supervision
  • +1 per year for graduate studies under my supervision

Exceptions to the rule above may include:
  • Having done exceptionally well in any one of the activities listed above

When and how to submit material: If you qualify for a reference, you should fill out this form and provide the material indicated at least 10 days before you need the reference letters.
Advice to Freshmen Here is some advice to CS freshmen.