1 Introduction: 2

2 System Requirements and Installations: 2

2.1 System Requirements: 2

2.2 Installations: 3

3 Playing the Game: 3

3.1 Overview of the Game: 3

3.2 Air Objects. 3

3.3 Ground Objects. 4

3.4 Weapons. 5

3.5 Bonus Packs. 6

3.6 Score: 6

3.7 Health: 6

3.8 Controller: 6

4 Game Screenshots & Menus: 7

4.1 Main Menu: 7

4.2 Load Game: 7

4.3 Options: 8

4.4 Credits: 9

4.5 Help: 10

4.6 Pause Menu: 10

4.7 Exit: 10

5 Warranties and Troubleshooting: 10









1 Introduction:


The Revenge of Birds is an arcade game that is inspired by the game Chicken Invaders 2. However, in this game scenario is the invasion of earth by birds having bird flu rather than invasion of solar system by chickens.  Since birds are tried to be annihilated by human beings using a special type of flu, birds decided to invade earth and take revenge from humans.  The way they chose is using human’s flu weapon against humans themselves. In the game, earth is under control of birds.  Player should use the aircraft to destroy the birds all over the world.  In each level of the game, an invaded area of earth should be saved.



2 System Requirements and Installations:

         2.1 System Requirements:


The Standard Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed before installing the game. To download:



Minimum system requirements:

·        Windows 2000/XP

·        Pentium2 233 MHz CPU or higher.

·        128 MB of RAM or higher.

·        Screen resolution: 800*600.

·        Integrated graphics card (e.g. laptops are compatible.).

Recommended system requirements:

·        Intel Pentium III 800MHz or equivalent processor (Athlon/Duron/Celeron).

·        512 MB of RAM or higher.

·        Screen resolution: 1024*768.

·        SoundBlaster compatible sound card.

·        For better performance, separate graphics card. (NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 video card)

·        SUPPORTED CHIPSETS: NVIDIA - GeForce 6800, GeForce FX (5950, 5900, 5800, 5600, 5200), GeForce4 Ti, GeForce3 ATI - Radeon x800, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9500, 9200, 9000, 8500.


         2.2 Installations:


Unzip the to a directory on your computer and to run the game you have 2 choices.

1-     ) Run the run.bat to execute the game(which it is recommended)

2-     ) If you have knowledge of java programming, by running our code in java and can play the game.



3 Playing the Game:


3.1 Overview of the Game:


In the game user controls an aircraft and tries to eliminate the birds coming from the top of the screen.  User has a limited health level which decreases immediately as the birds or their eggs hit the aircraft. During the game, player can increase the health level by taking energy packages as bonus. However, if a bird itself hits the aircraft, aircraft pilot is infected by the flu, which causes degradation in health level constantly.  To be cured, player should take cure kit. When player’s health level becomes zero, game ends.

The birds hitting the aircraft will cause an energy loss in health level.  Therefore, player should try to escape from them.

Moreover, there are ground objects in the game such as ostriches and farms.  Those ground objects does not collide with the aircraft, but they have bonus packs that can be gained when the player kills these ground objects.


3.2 Air Objects


These objects are located in the air. This part includes the aircraft and the enemies. The aircraft can hit all of these objects or it can shoot them by using weapons.


 Aircraft: It is the plane, which is controlled by the player. It has different types of weapons to eliminate enemies. It has a health level and when the aircraft is hit by any of birds or eggs, its health level decreases. If the health level becomes zero, then the aircraft explodes.



    Infected Chicken: This is an infected chicken that throws eggs to the aircraft. If the aircraft hits one of these eggs, its health level decreases. Additionally, this chicken has the bird flu and if it hits the aircraft, it makes the aircraft infected. After this, the health of the aircraft starts to decrease in time unless a cure kit is gained.


   Pigeon: Pigeons are the birds that can throw eggs and decrease the health of the aircraft. Pigeons are not infected by flue so if they hit the aircraft the pilot does not become infected. So the harm that they gave to the aircraft is lessening the health level suddenly for once.


Ducks: These are some of the birds, which are not infected. Therefore, they cannot make the pilot infected. Their eggs are their weapons to be used against the humans.



 Infected Parachicken: These birds have their parachutes, which protects them against the aircraft’s weapons. However, when they loose their parachutes they can be killed. Therefore, at first shot the parachute is thrown so that at the second shot the bird can be killed by the aircraft.



*       Fertilized Egg: If the aircraft shoots the egg, then the bird inside the egg starts to fly like other birds. This bird inside the egg is not infected so it cannot use flu as a weapon against the human.


 Boss Dodo: Boss Dodo birds are the strongest birds among the others. These birds are encountered at the end of each level. So killing a Dodo is harder than killing the other kinds of birds.



 Eggs: These are the eggs that are thrown by the birds. If they hit the aircraft, they decrease the health of the aircraft.




3.3 Ground Objects


These are the objects located on the earth.  Ground objects does not hit to the aircraft, however, aircraft can shoot them using any weapons.  By shooting them, player can gain bonus packs and extra points.


      Ostrich:  When these birds are shot, user gains extra points and there may appears a random weapon pack, a cure kit or an energy pack on where animal used to be sitting. An ostrich can be killed by two rockets.



    Farm:  These buildings are considered as infected bird sources in the game scenario.  Therefore, player should try to destroy them.  By shooting the farms, player gains points. Moreover, an energy pack, a cure kit or a random weapon pack may be gained. A farm can be destroyed by five rockets.


3.4 Weapons


These are the tools on the aircraft to shoot the targets on the screen.  All of the weapons can be used against both ground and air objects. 


All the weapons except the Nuclear Bomb are called “guns” and controlled by the same mouse button whereas a second button is assigned for the Nuclear Bomb.


Aircraft can have only one gun at a time.  To obtain a new gun user should use bonus packs.  By taking the bonus pack for the same gun owned by the aircraft, power of the gun can be doubled.


    Rocket: The basic and default weapon.  Only one rocket can be fired during a second.


  Machine Gun: This is a faster gun.  Each bullet has the half power of a rocket; however, four bullets can be fired during a second.


   Marten Gun: A gun that has the same power and speed with the rocket, however, unlike the other guns, it can hit to multiple objects.  After a Marten Gun rocket hits a target, it gives damage to its target as a rocket; however, it continues its movement without loosing its energy.  Therefore, if there are n objects in a column, all objects gets the damage as if all of them are hit by a separate Rocket.


     Nuclear Bomb:  Gives all ground and air objects damage equal to the damage of the two rockets.


3.5 Bonus Packs


            In the game, there exist some ground objects like ostriches and farms. If the player can shot these objects, then the player has a chance to gain some bonus packs, which are very helpful for the player since they provide health and weapon support. These bonus packs are stated below.


 Energy Pack: Whenever the aircraft is hit by any of the birds, there occurs a decrease in the health level. The game serves an energy pack to the player, which increases the health level back, and this pack can be obtained from ground objects during the game.


 Cure Kit: If a bird with flu, hits the aircraft by itself, then the player as the pilot of the aircraft also is inflected by flu. This inflection causes degradation in the health level. If the player could not be able to prevent this suffering then there is a chance to gain a cure kit to be used against this flu, again from the ground objects. This cure kit is just to halt the degradation in the health level. 


   Random Weapon Pack: This pack is used against suffering from birds. To prevent being inflected or being hit by the birds the player can gain strong weapons from this pack.  This pack can also be obtained from the ground objects and it includes more effective weapons against the birds.


3.6 Score:

Score is shown at upper left corner of the game screen. User will gain points according to bird types and ground objects. Every object has different points and when the user hits any of these objects will gain points.


3.7 Health:


User can see his remaining health at the left corner of the game screen with the score. Health will be different according to collision with air objects and their fires. When user collides another bird or their eggs will loose health, but when user gets the health bonus, user’s health level increases.

3.8 Controller:


Default Mouse Controls:


UP                    when user drags the mouse forward

DOWN             when user drags the mouse backward

LEFT                when user drags the mouse left

RIGHT              when user drags the mouse right

FIRE                  when user clicks the left mouse button

ROCETSENT    when user clicks the right mouse button



4 Game Screenshots & Menus:


4.1 Main Menu:


This game has a main menu including start game, load game, options and help choices. Start game choice constructs a new game for the player. It starts a new game; the player starts the game with full health level but undeveloped weapon. During the game, we have opportunity to develop weapons and increase our health level, which is decreased during birds’ attacks. Load game choice gives a chance to the player to start the game that was saved before. By options choice, player can set sound music and game speed settings.



Figure 1. Main menu screen shot


4.2 Load Game:


This mock-up shows the load game menu. In this interface there exist two buttons; one for load game and the other for go to main menu. Also there is a label in which the last saved game’s date is stated. The player clicks on the load game button and continues to play the last saved game.



Figure 2. Load Game screen shot




4.3 Options:


When the player chooses the options from the main menu frame which is placed below appears. Using this interface, the player can change sound music and game speed settings.


Figure 3. Options screen shot


Sample GameScreenshot


  Figure 4.



4.4 Credits:


If user wants to see who are the architects of these amazing game visit this option.

4.5 Help:


If user wants to learn how to play the game and which buttons would be used in this game can visit this option and learn how to play. This is the short version of the user guide but would be helpful also

4.6 Pause Menu:


If user press the “ESC” button during the game a new window opens this is our Pause Menu. In this Pause Menu user can save the game, switch to another saved game before or quit the game. In order to save the game you just click on to the Save Game button. If you want to resume to the game clicks Continue to the game button.


4.7 Exit:


While playing the game user can exit by pausing the game and clicking Quit button. If user is at the main menu, user can simply click to the exit button and exits from the game.


5 Warranties and Troubleshooting:



            “The Revenge of Birds Team” (trbt) hopes you will be glad for buying this game. However, we cannot give you a guarantee because everything in the world can be broken down, we can guarantee if you face with problems that you cannot solve by the help of this manual don’t panic and visit our official site or please contact with us by sending e-mail.


Our official site :


Our mail addresses: cem_ug_bilkent_edu_tr







Technical Support


If you are having problems running the game, you may want to try updating your hardware drivers before contacting technical support:


ATI Technologies




Creative Labs




Turtle Beach