Digital Design
-Fall 2015-

Will Sawyer     EA-524   tel. 3398 will “at-sign” cs“dot”bilkent.edu.tr   Will Sawyer's schedule

Mehmet Baray     EA-414   tel. 1894 baray “at-sign” cs“dot”bilkent.edu.tr   Mehmet Baray's schedule

Mohammed Alser EA-527 tel. 3474 mohammedalser “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Mohammed's schedule
Mehmet Başaran EA-505  tel. ???? mehmet
dot” basaran at-sign” cs “dot” bilkent.edu.tr  Mehmet's schedule
Salman Onsori EA-407 tel. 3473 salmanonsori “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Salman's schedule
Devrim Şahin EA-407 tel. 2091 devrimdot” sahinat-sign”bilkent.edu.tr Devrim's schedule

Ali Özer  ali “dot” ozer “at-sign” bilkent.edu.tr
Sercan Aksoy sercanaksoy “at-sign” bilkent.edu.tr
Sermetcan Baysal sermetcanat-sign” cs “dot” bilkent.edu.tr

Fırat Özbay             firat “dot” ozbay “at-sign”
ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr  (Sec1)
Ömer Faruk Şahin   faruk “dot” sahin “at-sign”
ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr  (Sec2)

Class Hours:  Section 1: Monday   15:40-17:30 BZ05,   Thursday       13:40-15:30  BZ05
                        Section 2: Monday   08:40-10:30 B204,   Wednesday   10:40-12:30  B204  

Lab Hours:   Section 1: Wednesday 13:40-17:30 EE103  (TAs: Devrim, Salman, Mehmet)
Section 2: Monday      13:40-17:30 EE103  (TAs: Salman, Mohammed, Naveed)

Office Hours: Please check the schedule of the ınstructor or TA for office times, or call or email in advance for a rendezvous.

Exam Dates: Midterm Exam: April 1st (Wednesday) at 17:40 in EB-101, 102, 103 and 104
                      Final Exam:
May 24th (Sunday) at 15:30 in EB-201, 202, 203 and 204

Text Book: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd ed. by Harris and Harris, Elsevier (Morgan Kaufmann), 2013
References:  Additional texts

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