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CS 342 Operating Systems - Fall 2023

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Course Description

Introduction to Computer and Operating Systems; Processes; Threads; Interprocess Communication; Process Scheduling; Process Synchronization; Deadlocks; Memory Management and Virtual Memory; File Systems: Interface and Implementation; Mass-Storage Structure and Management; Input/Output Systems; Examples from Operating Systems such as Linux and Windows.
Credit units: 4. ECTS Credit units: 6.5.
Prerequisites: CS 202 and CS 224 are mandatory. You are recommended to take this course in the second semester of your third year in the curriculum, after taking the courses like MATH 230 (Probability and Statistics) and CS 315 (Programming Languages). Part of homeworks and projects will require Probability and Statistics knowledge to do experiments and analyze the results.



  • Dr. Ibrahim Korpeoglu
    • Email: korpe AT; Office: EA401; Phone: x2599
    • Lecture Hours: Tue 10:30-12:30; Thu 15:30-17:30. Classroom: EE-04.
    • Spare hours can be seen in STARS.

Teaching Assistants


Topics Covered

Weekly Schedule (tentative)

W Date Topics and Events
01Sep 11 Topic: Introduction. Sep 14 (Thu): classes begin.
02 Sep 18 Topic: Introduction; Processes. Sep 20 (Wed): drop/add deadline. Sep 22 (Fri, 8:00): Exam reservations.
03Sep 25 Topic: Processes.
04Oct 2 Topic: Threads.
05Oct 9 Topic: Synchronization.
06Oct 16 Topic: Synchronization.
07Oct 23 Topic: Deadlocks
08Oct 30 Topic: Memory Management. Nov 1 (Wed): Withdraw deadline. Nov 1 (Wed): MIDTERM EXAM.
09Nov 6 Topic: Memory Management.
10Nov 13 Topic: File Systems.
11Nov 20 Topic: File Systems.
12Nov 27 Topic: File Systems.
13Dec 4 Topic: Mass Storage.
14Dec 11 Topic: Mass Storage. Input Output.
15Dec 18 Topic: Input/Output. Protection. Dec 20 (Wed): Last day of classes.
Dec 22 (Fri), 2023 - Jan 6, 2024 (Sat): Final exam period.
Jan 11, 2024 (Thu): Submission and announcements of grades (17:30).

Lecture Notes

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