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nsrg: Networks and Systems Research Group

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The Networks and Systems Research Group of Bilkent University does research and prototype development in the area of computer networks and systems, wireless and nobile networks, ad hoc, sensor and mesh Networks; P2P networks, cloud computing, and big data. The group owns the necessary equipment for performing experimental researc h and for developing mobile and wireless systems, tools and applications. Some of the projects of the group are su pported by Bilkent University, by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation and by European Union FP-6 and FP-7 Programs.

The currrent focus and projects of the group involves: wireless networks, cloud computing, and big data platforms, systems, and analytics, datacenter networking, datacenter and cloud resource management, virtual machine and data placement algorithms, wireless datacenters, Internet of things, sensor networks, machine-to-machine communicati on, virtual networks and open networking platforms, software define networking, virtual switches, virtual network embedding.

---Scholarships are available for Graduate Students (Ph.D. and M.S.). If you are interested you can visit me in my office with your CV. (EA225)

Contact: Ibrahim Korpeoglu - korpe AT