Title:       One-Dimensional Partitioning for Heterogeneous Systems: Theory and Practice
Authors:   A. Pinar, E.K. Tabak and C. Aykanat
Status:     Published in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing , vol. 68, pp. 1473–1486, 2008.


We study the problem of one-dimensional partitioning of nonuniform workload arrays,with optimal load balancing for heterogeneous systems. We look at two cases: chain-on-chain partitioning,where the order of the processors is specified, and chain partitioning,where processor permutation is allowed. We present polynomial time algorithms to solve the chain-on-chain partitioning problem optimally, while we prove that the chain partitioning problem is NP-complete. Our empirical studies show that our proposed exact algorithms produce substantially better results than heuristics,while solution times remain comparable.