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I am a Galatasaray fan and I don't like that other team whose name shall not be spoken here. I have a sweet tooth and I love cheese 🧀 (and lately cheesemaking). I was a science fiction addict in the past, but I have recovered from that since my attempt at writing a sci-fi book has failed miserably. Never take movie advice from me, as I strongly believe that I have a great taste in movies. I am terrible at making guesses, so don't ask me to ballpark something. I hail from Trabzon, Turkey. As a result, I exhibit various traits often attributed to Blacksea folks, so beware (don't worry too much though, I don't keep a gun at home, at least not yet!).

Sevgi Yaşar is my other half. I have a sister, Tuğba Düzenli, who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Foresty, at Karadeniz Technical University. My mother, Meral Gedik, has an education in arts and is a painter. My father, Yusuf Gedik, is a retired medical doctor, specializing in pediatric cardiology. For may years he worked at the KTU Farabi Hospital and was a full professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Karadeniz Technical University.

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