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I conduct research in the general area of data-intensive distributed systems, with a particular focus on fast data and big data. My research interests include distributed stream processing systems, MapReduce systems, distributed key-value stores, large-scale graph processing, and hardware acceleration for data management. My research addresses issues such as parallelization, fault-tolerance, profiling and optimization, and debugging in data-intensive systems. Recently, my research interests have extended to scalable data mining as well, especially in the context of social graphs.

I manage the Bil-DIDS research group.

I am also affiliated with the Bilvea research lab.

In the past I have been heavily involved in the System S project and have served as the Chief Architect for the IBM InfoSphere Streams product. I am the co-inventor of the SPADE and SPL stream processing languages.

My dissertation research focused on developing architectures and techniques to address scalability problems in large-scale distributed data intensive systems and applications, and support for distributed information monitoring services.

Thesis Supervised:

  1. Selçuk Emre Solmaz, Master Thesis: "Data Analytics for Alarm Management Systems", (advised, co-advised by Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu), April 2017.
  2. Muhammed Yağmur Şahin, Master Thesis: "Locality-aware distributed state partitioning for stream processing systems", December 2016.
  3. Süreyya Emre Kurt, Master Thesis: "Finding hidden hierarchy in social networks", (advised, co-advised by Gültekin Kuyzu), June 2016.
  4. Semih Şahin, Master Thesis: "C-Stream: A Coroutine-based Elastic Stream Processing Engine", June 2015.
  5. Abdurrahman Yaşar, Master Thesis: "Scalable Layout of Large Graphs on Disk", June 2015.
  6. Fuat Basık, Master Thesis: "S3-TM: Scalable Streaming Short Text Matching", (advised, co-advised by Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu), December 2014.
  7. Habibe Güldamla Özsema, Master Thesis: "Pipelined fission for stream programs with dynamic selectivity and partitioned state", (advised, co-advised by Özcan Öztürk), December 2014.
  8. Mehmet Ali Abbasoğlu, Masters Thesis: "Scalable Streaming Profile Clustering for Telco Analytics", (advised, co-advised by Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu), August 2013.
  9. İzzeddin Gür, Masters Thesis: "Broker-based Ad Allocation in Social Networks", (co-advised, advised by Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu), August 2013.
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