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Tutorial Presenter

  • “Graph Processing in the Big Data World”. BDA EdCon Europe'15, Big Data Analytics and Education Conference, İstanbul, Turkey, 2015.
    • Also given in Turkish as part of the EMO 3. Akademik Kamp on “Büyük Veri Madenciliği”, İzmir, 2015.
  • “Stream Processing Optimizations”. ACM DEBS Conference, Arlington, TX, USA, 2013. (with Martin Hirzel and Scott Schneider).

Keynote Speaker

  • “Big Data: Fast and Furious”. IBM Turkey, Big Data Forum, Hilton Hotel, Ankara, Turkey, 2013.

Guest Speaker

  • “Fast Data Research at Bilkent University”. Academy Days, HAVELSAN Inc., Ankara, Turkey, 2 Nov 2016.
  • “IBM InfoSphere Streams Architecture”. Streams Data Processing Workshop, APL, John Hopkins University, MD, USA, 2010.

Guest Lecturer

  • “Big Data Analytics”. Bilkent Cyberpark, Data Mining Lecture Series, Ankara, Turkey, February 2015.
  • “High-performance Event Stream Processing Infrastructures and Applications”. CANOE and EuroSys International Summer School on Events, Publish/Subscribe and Systems, Oslo, Norway, 2009.
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