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Paper Sessions

Session 1 - Crowd Simulation (Chair: Daniel Thalmann)

Seung In Park, Francis Quek and Yong Cao. Simulating and Animating Social Dynamics: Embedding Small Pedestrian Groups in Crowds

Libo Sun, Xiaona Li and Wenhu Qin. Simulating Realistic Crowd Based on Agent Trajectories

Jin Hyoung Park, Francisco Rojas and Hyun Seung Yang. A Collision Avoidance Behavior Model for Crowd Simulation based on Psychological Findings

Lei Lv, Tianlu Mao, Xuecheng Liu and Zhaoqi Wang. From Few to Many: Group Motion Bigraph for Mass Performance

Ates Akaydin, Aytek Aman and Ugur Gudukbay. Interactive Crowd Simulation for Augmented Reality Environments

Session 2 - Fluid Simulation (Chair: Selim Balcısoy)

Tianchen Xu, Wen Wu and Enhua Wu. Real-time Character-Driven Motion Effects with Particle-based Fluid Simulation

Hwi-Ryong Jung, Sun-Tae Kim, Junyong Noh and Jeong-Mo Hong. A Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Parallel Approach to a Multigrid Poisson Solver for Incompressible Fluid Simulation

Nadir Akinci, Jens Cornelis, Gizem Akinci and Matthias Teschner. Coupling Elastic Solids with SPH Fluids

Guijuan Zhang, Dianjie Lu, Dengming Zhu, Lei Lv, Hong Liu and Xiangxu Meng. Rigid-Motion Inspired Liquid Character Animation

Changbo Wang, Qiang Zhang, Fanlong Kong and Shuya Wang. Animation of Debris Flow with Adaptive Grid Refinement

Feibin Chen, Changbo Wang, Buying Xie and Hong Qin. Flexible and Rapid Animation of Brittle Fracture using the SPH Formulation

Session 3 - Natural Phenomena and Lighting (Chair: Enhua Wu)

Jinmo Kim, Daeyeoul Kim and Hyungje Cho. Procedural Modeling of Trees based on Convolution Sums of Divisor Functions for Real-time Virtual Ecosystems

Kiwon Um, Tae-Yong Kim, Youngdon Kwon and Junghyun Han. Porous Deformable Shell Simulation with Surface Water Flow and Saturation

Hongyu Wu, Xiaowu Chen, Mengxia Yang and Zhihong Fang. Facial Performance Illumination Transfer from a Single Video using Interpolation in Non-skin Region

Chunxiao Liu, Hong Li, Qunsheng Peng, Xun Wang and Enhua Wu. Relighting Abstracted Image via Salient Edge Guided Luminance Field Optimization

Gyuhyun Hwang and Sanghun Park. Video-based Material Specific Weathering

Session 4 - Face/Hair animation and rendering (Chair: Nadia Magnenat Thalmann)

Mark Warburton and Steve Maddock. Physically-Based Forehead Animation Including Wrinkles

Cheng-Guo Huang, Tsung-Shian Huang, Wen-Chieh Lin and Jung-Hong Chuang. Physically-Based Cosmetic Rendering

Der-Lor Way and Yu-Sheng Chang. Real Time Cartoon Hair Rendering with Physically-Based Dynamic

Mehdi Boukhris, Matthieu Courgeon, Cyril Jover, Jean-Claude Martin, Gilles Gambier and Cédric Guiard. A Conceptual Framework Studying the Fidelity of Expressive Digital Doubles

Taeyoung Choi and Seongah Chin. Wound Recovery Synthesis on a 3D Face Using Subsurface Scattering with Multi-Layered Skin Features

Session 5 - Virtual Cities and Path Planning (Chair: Ugur Güdükbay)

Xuequan Lu, Wenzhi Chen, Mingliang Xu, Zonghui Wang, Zhigang Deng and Yangdong Ye. An Accident-Avoidance Full Velocity Difference Model for Animating Realistic Street-Level Traffic in Rural Scenes

Norman Jaklin, Atlas F. Cook IV and Roland Geraerts. Real-Time Path Planning in Heterogeneous Environments

Cumhur Y. Ozcan, Murat Haciomeroglu, Oner Barut and Hayri Sever, A Path-Based Composite Crowd Simulation Model

Francisco Rojas, Jin Hyoung Park and Hyun Seung Yang. Group Agent-based Steering for the Realistic Corner Turning and Group Movement of Pedestrians in a Crowd Simulation

Adam Barnett, Myung Choi and Taku Komura. Topology-based Global Crowd Control

Session 6 - Paint Simulation (Chair: Frederic Cordier)

Mi You, Taekwon Jang, Seunghoon Cha, Jihwan Kim and Junyong Noh. Realistic Paint Simulation based on Fluidity, Diffusion, and Absorption

Dongxue Liang and Kyoungju Park. Pencil Drawing Animation from a Video

Siddharth Hegde, Christos Gatzidis and Feng Tian. Animating Painterly Strokes Embedded in 3D Space

Nima Nikfetrat and Wonsook Lee. Fire Pattern Analysis and Synthesis using EigenFires and Motion Transitions

Session 7 – Medical and Immersive Applications (Chair: Çağatay Başdoğan)

Shuai Li, Qinping Zhao, Shengfa Wang, Aimin Hao and Hong Qin. Interactive Volumetric Image Manipulation for Patient-specific Soft Tissue Deformation and Cutting

Jaesung Park, Minsub Shim, Seon-Young Park, Yunku Kang and Myung-Soo Kim. Realistic Deformation of 3D Human Blood Vessels

Rasika Ranaweera, Michael Cohen and Michael Frishkopf. Narrowcasting Enabled Immersive Music Browser for Folkways World Music Collection

Session 8 - Virtual Agents (Chair: Junyong Noh)

Maher Ben Moussa and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann. Towards Socially Responsible Agents: Integrating Attachment and Learning in Emotional Decision Making

Jeehang Lee, Tingting Li and Julian Padget. Towards Polite Virtual Agents using Social Reasoning Techniques

Linbo Luo, Haiyan Yin, Wentong Cai, Michael Lees and Suiping Zhou. Interactive Scenario Generation for Mission-Based Virtual Training

Hui-Yin Wu, Marc Christie and Tsai-Yen Li. Stories Animated: A Framework for Personalized Interactive Narratives using Filtering of Story Characteristics

Session 9 - 3D Mesh Deformation (Chair: Veysi İşler)

Chuhua Xian, Guiqing Li and Yunhui Xiong. Efficient Cage Generation by Region Decomposition

Guoliang Luo, Frederic Cordier and Hyewon Seo. Compression of 3D Mesh Sequences by Temporal Segmentation

Michael Zollhöfer, Andre Vieweg, Günther Greiner and Jochen Süssmuth. Pseudo-Skeleton Based ARAP Mesh Deformation

Session 10 - Human Action Recognition (Chair: Taku Komura)

Imran Junejo, Khurram Junejo and Zaher Alaghbari . Shapelets for Human Action Recognition

Ioannis Kapsouras and Nikolaos Nikolaidis. Dynemes-based Movement Recognition on Skeleton Animation Data

Gokcen Cimen, Tolga Capin, Hacer Ilhan and Hasmet Gurcay. Classification of Human Motion based on Affective State Descriptors

Session 11 - 3D Mesh and Geometric Modelling (Chair: Wonsook Lee)

Lin Zhang, Fei Dou, Zhong Zhou and Wei Wu. Sharing 3D Mesh Animation in Distributed Virtual Environment

Moon-Hwan Jeong and Hyeong-Seok Ko. Draft-Space Warping: Grading of Clothes Based on Parametrized Draft

Yadang Chen, Chuanyan Hao, Zhongmou Cai, Wen Wu and Enhua Wu. Live Accurate and Dense Reconstruction from a Handheld Camera

Ting Zhang, Xingce Wang, Qianqian Jiang, Zhongke Wu, Mingquan Zhou and Hock Soon Seah. G2-Continuity Disk B-Spline Curve Blending using Extension

Taekwon Jang, Doyub Kim, Mi You, Shiguang Liu and Junyong Noh. A Geometric Approach to Animating Thin Surface Features in SPH Water

Session 12 - Human Motion (Chair: Tolga Çapin)

Tian Qi, Yinfu Feng, Jun Xiao, Yueting Zhuang, Xiaosong Yang and Jianjun Zhang. A Semantic Feature for Human Motion Retrieval

Siwang Li, Jin Huang, Mathieu Desbrun and Xiaogang Jin. Interactive Elastic Motion Editing through Spacetime Position Constraints

Hubert P. H. Shum, Ludovic Hoyet, Edmond S. L. Ho, Taku Komura and Franck Multon. Preparation Behaviour Synthesis with Reinforcement Learning

Thibaut Le Naour, Nicolas Courty and Sylvie Gibet. Spatio-Temporal Coupling with the 3D+t Motion Laplacian

Gamze Bozgeyikli, Evren Bozgeyikli and Veysi İşler. Introducing Tangible Objects into Motion Controlled Gameplay Using Microsoft® Kinect™


Minh Tuan Bui, Junho Kim and Yunjin Lee. Real-Time Stylization of Smoke Animations

Sangwoo Lee, Younghui Kim, Jungjin Lee, Kyehyun Kim, Kyunghan Lee and Junyong Noh. Depth Manipulation using Disparity Histogram Analysis for Stereoscopic 3D

Azizkhon Afzalov, Edmond Prakash and Mehmet Aydin. Novel Techniques for Moving Target Search in Dynamic Environments

Daying Lu, Dengming Zhu and Zhaoqi Wang. Case Study: GPU-based 3D Multivariate Visualization Framework for Atmospheric Pollution Research Applications

Abdullah Bulbul, Sami Arpa, Tolga Capin. Motion Saliency Model for 3D Animated Meshes