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Eray Tüzün

  • GitHub
  • Office Hours: EA 501 by appointment

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

You can find the TAs of the course.

  • Use the Topics column to find out the accurate contact TA for your questions.
  • Ask your public questions in Slack #general channel so that other students can benefit.
  • For team specific questions, use your team channel in Slack.
TATopicsOffice HoursContact
Cevat Aykan SevinçMentorship-DM on Slack or cevataykansevinc@gmail.com GitHub
Elgun JabrayilzadeGit Lab, Design Reports, Slack Accounts, ImplementationEA 527 by appointmentDM on Slack or elgun@bilkent.edu.tr, GitHub
Emre SülünDesign Patterns LabEA 527 by appointmentDM on Slack or emre.sulun@bilkent.edu.tr, GitHub
Erdem TunaGit Lab, Requirements Reports, User Manuals, Visual Paradigm AccountsEA 527 by appointmentDM on Slack or erdem.tuna@bilkent.edu.tr, GitHub
Muhammad Umair AhmedGit Lab, Requirements Reports, Final Reports, User ManualsEA 527 by appointmentDM on Slack or umair.ahmed@bilkent.edu.tr, GitHub