CS 101
Algorithms and Programming I

Description: Basic computer literacy: terminology, system components and operation. Fundamentals of computer programming: top-down structured design, sequence, decision, repetition, syntax, compilation, debugging and maintenance, object-oriented programming with Java, objects, classes, methods, parameters, arrays, layout and style. The emphasis is on an engineering ''right-first-time'' approach to solving problems using computers. Credit units: 4, ECTS Credit units: 7.

Semester: Spring 2017

Text Book: Cay S. Horstmann, Big Java: Late Objects, Wiley, 2013.

Section: 01 (Details...)
Instructor: H. Altay Güvenir (Room: EA-418)

Section: 02 (Details...)
Instructor: H. Altay Güvenir (Room: EA-418)

Section: 03 (Details...)
Instructor: Erman Ayday (Room: EA-529)

Unilica: Students must log in to Unilica to access the lab exams.

The Honor Code Statement must be signed by every student and returned to his/her TA.

If you are not sure about what source code plagiarism is, please read the following paper:
Mike Joy, Georgina Cosma, Jane Yin-Kim Yau, and Jane Sinclair, "Source Code Plagiarism - A Student Perspective",
IEEE Transaction on Education Vol. 15, No. 1, (2011), 125-132.

Official Syllabus: is here.

Lab Exams:


Midterm Exam: Date and Time: April 8, 2017 (Saturday) 10:00 - 12:00; Rooms: B-Z01, B-Z02, B-Z04, B-Z05, B-Z08, B-204. Open-books, Open-notes
Midterm Makeup Exam: Date and Time: To Be Announced Open-book, Open-notes
Final Exam: Date and Time: May 30, 2016 (Tuesday), 12:30 - 15:00 Rooms: EE-03, EE-04, EE-05, EE-214, EE-317. Open-books, Open-notes

Important: Students cannot leave the exam room during the first 30 minutes. No student can enter the exam room in 30 minutes after the exam started.

Grading Policy:
 Lab exams:25%
Midterm Exam:30%
Final Exam:30%

The Minimum Requirement to be able to take the Final Exam:
Students will receive an FZ grade unless they score more than 30% on the midterm, AND have a minimum 75% lab average, AND score minimum 25% on the essay homework.

Important notes:

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