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Call for papers
Topics of Interest

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Matrix generation techniques and storage
    • Stochastic automata networks
    • Application-oriented interfaces
    • Sparse matrix technologies
    • Very large state spaces
  • Computation of stationary probability vectors
    • Direct solution methods
    • Iterative solution methods
    • Matrix geometric solutions
    • Domain decomposition methods
    • Hierarchical and aggregation/disaggregation methods
    • Preconditioning and incomplete factorizations
  • Computation of transient solutions
    • Randomization/uniformization
    • O.D.E. & P.D.E. Solvers
  • Computation of other measures: first passage times, etc.
  • Approximations
    • Aggregation/disaggregation
    • Truncations
    • Bounds
    • Kronecker approximations
  • Markov reward models
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Optimization
  • Simulations
  • Parallel implementations
  • Markov chain applications to:
    • Information retrieval
    • Computer performance modelling
    • Telecommunication modelling
    • Biological systems
    • Financial and economic applications
    • Others ... not necessarily from the CS area
    • P.C. Demonstrations


Abstract Submissions

For the workshop, (extended) abstracts are to be submitted. They must be in English and should not exceed 4 pages in IEEE double-column format. They must be unpublished and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere. Those that are accepted will appear in the workshop proceedings, and must be presented by one of the authors. Submissions will be handled by the EasyChair system.

Full Paper Submissions

Full papers will be submitted to a special issue of the journal Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications (NLAA) after the workshop.

  • Deadline
  • : November 1, 2010
  • Editors
  • : Michele Benzi [Guest Editor-in-Chief]
      Tugrul Dayar
      Boudewijn Haverkort
      Beatrice Meini
      Daniel Szyld
  • Submission process
  • : Go to the journal web site to submit electronically; be
      sure to specify that the paper for consideration is
      for the special issue for NSMC 2010: use the
      quote "Numerical Solution of Markov Chains"
      when prompted.
  • Page limit
  • : Page length should not exceed 20 pages.
Invited Speaker

William J. Stewart, North Carolina State University, USA

  • (Extended) abstracts
  • : April 18, 2010
  • Notification
  • : May 14, 2010
  • Workshop
  • : September 16-17, 2010
  • Full papers
  • : November 1, 2010
Chairs and Program Committee

General Chairs
Peter Kemper (USA)
Evgenia Smirni (USA)

Program Co-chairs
Michele Benzi (USA)
Tugrul Dayar (Turkey)

Local Organization Chair
Ruth Lamprecht (USA)

Publicity Chair
Giuliano Casale (UK)

Program Committee
Nail Akar (Turkey)
Dario Bini (Italy)
Peter Buchholz (Germany)
Susanna Donatelli (Italy)
Jean-Michel Fourneau (France)
Wilfried Gansterer (Austria)
Reinhard German (Germany)
Boudewijn Haverkort (The Netherlands)
Holger Hermanns (Germany)
Program Committee(cont.)
Jane Hillston (UK)
Ilse Ipsen (USA)
Joost-Pieter Katoen (Germany)
Stephen Kirkland (Ireland)
William J. Knottenbelt (UK)
Udo R. Krieger (Germany)
Amy N. Langville (USA)
Ivo Marek (Czech Republic)
Raymond Marie (France)
Beatrice Meini (Italy)
Carl D. Meyer (USA)
Andrew S. Miner (USA)
Harry Perros (USA)
Brigitte Plateau (France)
Ivana Pultarova (Czech Republic)
William H. Sanders (USA)
Roger B. Sidje (USA)
Daniel B. Szyld (USA)
Miklos Telek (Hungary)
Kishor S. Trivedi (USA)
Benny Van Houdt (Belgium)
Jean-Marc Vincent (France)
Verena Wolf (Germany)

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