Shervin R. Arashloo

Assistant Professor-Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University, Sep. 2018-present
Visiting Research Fellow-Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, UK, Aug. 2014-present

Research Interests:

Compuper Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning

Graduate degree studentships are available. Students with strong mathematical
background and programming skills are encouraged to contact me.


E-mail:s(dot)rahimzadeh (at) cs(dot)bilkent(dot)edu(dot)tr
Phone: (312) 290 3440
Office: EA429

Office Hours:

For the database systems course: Wednesdays 14:00 -- 16:00

For other students advised: Wednesdays 16:00 -- 17:30

Other than those above: please set an appointment via email

Google Scholar

Selected publications by research area:

Face Recognition

PhD thesis

Energy Normalization for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Based on MRF Model Image Matching

Class-Specific Kernel Fusion of Multiple Descriptors for Face Verification Using Multiscale Binarised Statistical Image Features

Face Presentation Attack Detection

Face Spoofing Detection Based on Multiple Descriptor Fusion Using Multiscale Dynamic Binarized Statistical Image Features

An Anomaly Detection Approach to Face Spoofing Detection: A New Formulation and Evaluation Protocol

One-Class Classification

One-Class Kernel Spectral Regression for Outlier Detection

Sparse Probabilistic One-Class Kernel Spectral Regression

Dynamic Texture Recognition

Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Multiscale Binarized Statistical Image Features

Dynamic texture representation using a deep multi-scale convolutional network

Markov Random Fields

Incorporating higher-order point distribution model priors into MRFs using convex quadratic programming

Pose-invariant face recognition by matching on multi-resolution MRFs linked by supercoupling transform