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Assistant Professor
Bilkent University

About Me

I received my doctorate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). I also worked at Nokia Research Center in Irving, TX as a principle scientist and later as a research manager. I joined Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department in 2006.

My research include various topics in computer graphics and computer-human interaction. My research generally tries to answer the question:

"How graphics and visualization techniques can facilitate visual communications between people using a wide range of devices, from low-end mobile phones to PCs?"

These include algorithms, tools, techniques, and methodologies for improving user experience in:

• Visual communications between people

• Interacting with constrained devices

• Networked virtual environments

• Augmented Reality

with emphasis on:

Mobile graphics platforms – hardware / software architectures for mobile graphics; power aware computing.

Rendering and visualization – including 3D real-time rendering, perceptually-based rendering and visualization, retargeting imagery to small displays, image/video based rendering.

Interaction with graphics / images – including 2.5 and 3D UIs, 3D sketching and human motion capture solutions, vision-based techniques to improve interaction.

Networked graphics – including graphics compression / streaming, network protocols for transmitting graphics.