Complexity Management Techniques in Graph Visualization Cntd.

  • Abstract: Frequently, application graphs are too large to visualize and details become obscured. Strategies to conceal the "unwanted" details of a graph, allowing one to temporarily remove certain nodes and edges and subsequently reintroduce the removed details. The project involves research and development of complexity management techniques in graph visualization such as hiding, folding, and nesting to be used in a commercial product.
  • Keywords: Graph visualization, graph layout, graph algorithms, software engineering.
  • Duration: 6 months (May 01 - October 01).
  • Principle Investigator: Asst. Prof. Ugur Dogrusoz.
  • Researchers: Burkay Genc, Erhan Meric, Erdinc Basci.
  • Sponsor: Tom Sawyer Software, Oakland, CA.
  • Budget: $35,900.

See our poster on the project.

This is a continuation of a previous project.