Research Assistant - PhD Candidate  

Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Department of Mechanical Engineering
ETH Zurich, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Office: LEO D-11 Phone:+41 44 632 93 71 E-Mail: mail

Research Areas
  • Neuromuscular Skeletal Robots
  • Bio-Inspired Legged Robots
  • Reflex Based Motor Actuation
  • Spinal Actuation for Dynamic Locomotion
  • Muscle Growth in Soft Robotics
  • Bipedal and Quadrupedal Gaits

  • CV: You can find here    

    IMPORTANT: I have received my M.Sc. degree on 01.2012 from Bilkent, and now I am working in ETH Zurich since 04.2012. You can find the research of this group on website: BIRLab - ETH

    Hi! I am currently a 1st year PhD candidate in Bio Inspired Robotics Lab (BIRLab), conducting research on robotics field. I am interested in autonomous bio-inspired robots; reflex activity in actuation and neuromuscular motion control. My current research is on understanding spinal activity in motor control in humans and develop a similar system in robotics based on reflexes and self adapting motion controllers. You can find more information on my "Research" page.

    I am also in close contact with companies, student organisations and global organisations working on robotics, embedded systems and intelligent software, relevant information is on "Links" page. You may find additional information about my personal life in my "Personal" page.

    If you are interested in robotics, send me an e-mail or drop by my office any time.

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