David Davenport

ROBO is an aid to teaching and learning top-down structured programming and software engineering principles. Designed to be used during the first few weeks of an introductory course which starts off in the classroom using paper and pencil, ROBO provides a convenient means to introduce basic concepts, including sequence, tracing, debugging, comments, procedures, parameters, pre/post conditions, repetition, and, of course, top-down design.

ROBO is actually a little robot which the student must instruct to move around in such a way that its path traces out a specified picture. ROBO is extremely simple to understand and learn, and the easy to use environment of the computer version makes it ideal to practice basic programming and software engineering concepts.

Download ROBO now...
Robo v1.0 for Dos Robo v2.1 for Windows

A teaching pack is available to bono-fide teachers upon request.

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