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David Davenport
Computer Eng. & Information Science Dept.,
Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara - Turkey.
email: david@bilkent.edu.tr

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find something of use, interest or amusement within this semi-chaos. I have long described myself as being horizontally organised, that is, everything spread out in "neat" piles across the table and usually overflowing onto the floor. I am relieved to see that others share my disability, therefore, please bear with me while I attempt (yet again) to put my life and mind in order!

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 WANTED - Graduate Research Students...
Hint: Students applying for graduate studies in Bilkent are strongly advised to speak
privately to faculty members in their area of interest before the interviews!

 Research / Project Topics

Senior & Masters students wanted for projects in the new
 Collaborative Systems research group

 My personal list of proposals for CS491/2 Senior Projects

A Short Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism


Calendars (useful iCal downloads)

Recent & not so recent...
Software Quest, INSITES, CS590, CS101 & CS102
UNESCO World Poetry Day contest & day-to-day TYWC


Conference pages

BTIE'2001 (Education in the Light of Infomation Technology)
{ held in Ankara, May 2001 }

The 5th Java in the Computing Curriculum Conference
{ held in London, January 2001 }

New Trends in Cognitive Science '99
{ held in Vienna, May 1999 }

Second International Distance Education Symposium
{ held in Ankara May 1998 }

Research Interests & Some Publications

"AI is an engineering discipline
built on an unfinished science."

Matt Ginsberg,
reported in SIGART bulletin Vol 6, No.2 April 1995

(The quotation seems to sum up my
AI cartoon of a few years previous)

Graduate students WANTED

Some students:

{Wireless Information Points}
BSc. Senior students 2002 runner-up for Best Senior Project!
Yigithan Dedeoglu
{Traffic Accident Reporting Automation System}
BSc. Senior student 2002  - Best Senior Project
Ertan Karakurt & Ahmet Yasin Haliloglu
{Homework submission & evaluation tool}
BSc. Senior students 1998
Deniz Copur
{Computer Generated Art}
BSc. Senior Student 1998
Ozan Ozhan
{Thesis on CAE, WIZ intelligent tutoring system}
MSc. student 1997
Emek Erarslan
{Thesis on CAE, A tool to aid research! }
MSc. student 1999

Online Presentations/Seminars:




David Davenport
Computer Engineering Department,
Bilkent University, Ankara 06800 - Turkey.
Tel: 0 (312) 2901248 (office) or 2901218 (secretary)  266 4047 (fax)
Email: david@bilkent.edu.tr

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