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I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department of Bilkent University. I am also a Research Affiliate with the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group of Delft University of Technology. I was previously a Postdoctoral Researher at Delft University of Technology, a Visiting Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Research Assistant at the University of Amsterdam. My research interests include Affective Computing, Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision.



[Mar'19] I give a seminar on "Modeling Hereditary and Behavioral Patterns of Facial Expressions" at the Spring Seminars of Informatics Institute, METU, on 3 April 2019, and at the AI & Machine Learning Meetup, TOBB ETU, on 8 April 2019.

[Mar'19] I give a seminar on "Computer Vision and Its Practial Applications" at the AI Meetup, organized by AI and Image Processing Community of Konya Technical University, on 20 March 2019.

[Feb'19] We organize a Summer School on Artificial Intelligence at Bilkent University for high school students, between 22-26 July.

[Jan'19] We organize the eNTERFACE Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces at Bilkent University between 8 July-2 August 2019.

[Jan'19] We organize a Marathon on Mobile Application Development at Bilkent Cyberpark on 23-24 February 2019.


[Dec'18] I give a seminar on "Temporal Dynamics of Facial Behavior" at the Biomedical Engineering Department of Ankara University on 5 December 2018.

[Nov'18] Our paper "Augmentation of virtual agents in real crowd videos" has been accepted for Signal Image and Video Processing.

[Sep'18] Our paper "Modeling and Synthesis of Kinship Patterns of Facial Expressions" has been accepted for Image and Vision Computing.

[Jul'18] We organize a Summer School on Artificial Intelligence at Bilkent University for high school students.

[May'18] My supervised Senior Design Project groups YouTalkWeSign, ProTechKID, and PROsentation have won the Best Project, Wide Impact, and Mobile awards, respectively, at Bilkent CSFair'18. Congratulations!

[May'18] I give a seminar on Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions at Havelsan on 11 May 2018.

[Mar'18] Our paper "Automatic Estimation of Taste Liking through Facial Expression Dynamics" has been accepted for IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.

[Feb'18] TUBITAK Reintegration Research Fellowship has been granted.

[Jan'18] We organize a Google Hash Code hub at Bilkent University on March 1st, 2018.

[Jan'18] We organize the "Ambient Intelligence and Social Signal Processing" special session at IEEE Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference on May 2018.


[Nov'17] I give a seminar on "Temporal Dynamics of Facial Behavior" at the Informatics Institute of Middle East Technical University on 15 November 2017.

[Sep'17] I have joined the Computer Engineering Department of Bilkent University, Turkey, as an Assistant Professor.

[Aug'17] I give a lecture on "Face Analysis" at the Computer Vision and Robotics Summer School in Ankara, organized by Hacettepe University.

[Jul'17] My paper "Visual Transformation Aided Contrastive Learning for Video-based Kinship Verification" has been accepted for International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017.

[Jul'17] I give a lecture on "Face Analysis" at the Vision Understanding and Machine Intelligence Summer School (VISUM 2017) in Porto.

[Jun'17] I present my research on Automatic Assessment of Depression Severity at TU Delft Research Exhibition on 6-8 June 2017.

[May'17] I serve as a mentor at FG2017 Doctoral Consortium.

[Apr'17] Source code of the Hidden-Unit Logistic Model is now available online.

[Feb'17] Our paper "Dynamic Multimodal Measurement of Depression Severity Using Deep Autoencoding" has been accepted for IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

[Jan'17] Our paper "What will Your Future Child Look Like? Modeling and Synthesis of Hereditary Patterns of Facial Dynamics" has been accepted (oral presentation) for International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 2017.

[Jan'17] Our paper "Multivariate Time-Series Classification Using the Hidden-Unit Logistic Model" has been accepted for IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems.

Contact Information

E-mail: dibeklioglu [at]
Office: EA 512
Phone: +90 (312) 290 1187
Address: Bilkent University
Computer Engineering Department
06800 Ankara / Turkey