Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering





December 25, 2002 Introduction to a New Computational Tool: CompLab: ABC compiler / solver Igor O. Kulik
December 24, 2002 UEKAE ve Turkiye'de Kriptoloji Alparslan Babaoglu
November 29, 2002 The Role of NSF in Computer Architecture Research Yavuz Oruç
November 27, 2002 REAL: An Integrated Approach to Specification and Verification of Distributed Systems Nikolay V. Shilov
November 15, 2002 Synthesis-Based Software Architecture Design Bedir Tekinerdoğan
October 09, 2002 An Automatic Pixel-Wise Mapping Procedure for 3D Digital Image Models Jürgen Friedrich
September 25, 2002 Algorithmic Analysis of Tandem Repeat Evolution in the Human Genome S. Cenk Şahinalp
September 13, 2002 Simulating Cloth Behavior by Using Mass-Spring Networks Serkan Bayraktar
September 12, 2002 Discovering Associations from Event Histories at Multiple Time Granularites Aykut Ünal
September 12, 2002 Benefit Maximizing Classification Using Feature Intervals Nazlı İkizler
September 11, 2002 A Logical Framework for Workflow Scheduling Under Resource Allocation Constraints Pınar K. Şenkul
September 09, 2002 A Framework for Complexity Management in Graph Visualization Burkay Genç
September 03, 2002 Predicting Next Page Access by Time Length Reference in the Scope of Effective Use of Resources Berkan Yalçınkaya
August 29, 2002 Implementation of a Topic Map Data Model for a Web-Based Information Resource Mustafa Kutlutürk
August 27, 2002 Comparison of Four Approximating Subdivision Surface Schemes Tekin Kabasakal
August 07, 2002 On­line New Event Detection and Event Clustering Using the Concepts of the Cover Coefficient Based Clustering Methodology Ahmet Vural
July 17, 2002 Data Decomposition Thechniques for Parallel Tree-Based K-Means Clustering Cenk Şen
July 16, 2002 Data Modeling and Querying for Video Databases M. Emin Dönderler
July 15, 2002 An Efficient Query Optimization Strategy for Video Databases Gülay Ünel

July 09, 2002

Hippodrome: circles around storage administration

Mustafa Uysal

June 05, 2002

Two Interactive Methods for Topologically Robust Modelling of Very High Genus Manifold Meshes

Ergun Akleman

May 31, 2002

Rule Generation in Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Vasile Palade

May 30, 2002

Building interpretable Neuro-Fuzzy models for Fault Diagnosis

Vasile Palade

May 29, 2002

Solving The Frame Problem

Vladimir Lifschitz

May 20 2002

Microsoft .NET Bitirme Projeleri Yarismasi


May 03, 2002

Information Retrieval On The Web Search Engine Design And Use

Fazlı Can

April 26, 2002

Mobile Computation with Functions

Dilsun Kırlı Kaynar

April 25, 2002

How to write winning project proposals for the European Commission's IST Program?

Asuman Doğac

April 25, 2002

Turkish Text To Speech System

Barış Eker

April 16, 2002

Designing multimedia publishing systems for distance education

M. V. Üzümeri

April 01, 2002

The Underlying Basis of Machine Learning: Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) or Data Mining

Esin Konakci

March 29, 2002

Mobil İnternet Teknolojileri ve Mobil İnternet'in Buluşma Noktası, Crea-World

Sema Saraç Kayabaşı

March 27, 2002

Web Usage Mining for Web Site Improvement

Alpay Erdem

March 19, 2002

Aspect-Oriented Programming Using Composition Filters

Mehmet Akşit

January 31, 2002

Efficient Parallel Frequency Mining Based on a Novel Top-Down Partitioning Scheme for Transactional Data

Eray Özkural

January 31, 2002

A Semantic Data Model and Query Language for Video Data

Umut Arslan

January 29, 2002

Generalization of Predicates with String Arguments

Goker Canitezer

January 29, 2002

Inferring Phylogenetical Tree by Using Hierarchical Self Organizing Maps

Hayretdin Bahsi

January 22, 2002

A New Parallel Sorting Algorithm For Mimd Architectures With An Experimental Study

Levent Canturk

January 17, 2002

Extending Constrained Hierarchical Layout For Drawing Uml Activity Diagrams

H. Mehmet Yuksel

January 17, 2002

Animating Personalized Face Models Generated Using Deformation Techniques

Fatih Erol

January 16, 2002

Latent Semantic Indexing for Information Retrieval Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Bülent Özel




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