Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University


Date Title Speaker

December 26, 2005 Recent Advances In Mobile Graphics Tolga Capin
December 14, 2005 Pattern Information Extraction from Crystal Structures Erhan Okuyan
December 12, 2005 Privacy Preserving Data Sharing Fatih Emekci
December 5, 2005 Interesting Faces in News Derya Ozkan
December 5, 2005 Automated Text Summarization Gonenc Ercan
November 28, 2005 Accelerating the PageRank Algorithm Gokce Nil Noyan
November 28, 2005 Kronecker Decompositions for Markov Chains Umut Tosun
November 28, 2005 Recent Advances in Life Sciences and Challenges for Computer Scientists Tolga Can
November 21, 2005 Body-based Motion Capture Systems Onur Onder
November 21, 2005 Animation and Modeling of Brittle Fracture Ayse Kucukyilmaz
November 14, 2005 Network Decomposition and Fixed-Point Iterations Akin Meric
November 14, 2005 A Message Ordering Problem in Parallel Programs Ali Cevahir
November 11, 2005 Automatic Detection of Salient Objects for a Video Database System Tarkan Sevilmis
November 7, 2005 Stereoscopic Visualization of Urban Scenes Turker Yilmaz
November 7, 2005 Three-way Coupling of Liquid, Fabric, and Rigid Objects Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Serkan Bayraktar
October 26, 2005 Intelligent Grid Architecture Using Mobile Code Umit Topaloglu
October 17, 2005 Networked TV: From Antenna tp Application Dr. Orhan Coskun
October 10, 2005 Combinatorial models and algorithms for search engine design Berkant Barla Cambazoglu
October 10, 2005 One-dimensional Decomposition of Workload Arrays for Heteregonous Systems Ertugrul Kartal Tabak
October 5, 2005 An Ontology for Cellular Processes Emek Demir
August 29, 2005 Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplies and Iterative Solvers Bora Ucar
August 26, 2005 Microsoft'un Compute Cluster Çözümü Onur Koç
August 26, 2005 A Layout Algorithm For Undirected Compound Graphs Erhan Giral
August 19, 2005 Reducing Query Overhead Through Route Learning in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Selim Ciraci
August 2, 2005 Cluster Based Collaborative Filtering with Inverted Indexing Ozlem Nurcan Subakan
July 29, 2005 A time-optimal Delaunay refinement algorithm in two dimensions Alper Ungor
July 26, 2005 PATIKAWEB : A WEB Service For Accessing And Visualizing Pathway Data In PATIKA Database Emine Zeynep Erson
June 13, 2005 The Cell-Graphs of Cancer Cigdem Gunduz Demir
May 16, 2005 A New Approach to Human Hair Simulation H. Dogu Taskiran
May 16, 2005 Network Partitioning for Aggregate Queries Engin Demir
May 16, 2005 Building Foundations For General Artificial Intelligence Oge Bozyigit
May 2, 2005 The spyware problem and spyware defense in depth Doruk Bozagac
May 2, 2005 Reputation System for Trust Management in Server-Based P2P Networks and 2nd generation P2P Networks Umut Ermis
April 25, 2005 Crystal Structure Derivation for Non-Molecular Material Erhan Okuyan
April 25, 2005 Automatic Detection of Salient Objects for a Video Database System Tarkan Sevilmis
April 18, 2005 Extracting Protein Names from Biomedical Abstracts Umit Tezcan
April 18, 2005 Hypergraph partitioning on Parallel Systems Evren Karaca
April 4, 2005 Efficiency and Effectiveness of Cluster Based Collaborative Filtering Using Inverted Indexing Ozlem Nurcan Subakan
April 4, 2005 Video Based Human Motion Capture From Single Video Ibrahim Demir
March 28, 2005 A Layout Algorithm For Undirected Compound Graphs Erhan Giral
March 28, 2005 PATIKAweb: A Web service for querying, visualizing and analyzing a graph-based pathway database E. Zeynep Erson
March 28, 2005 Mobile Route Planning - Uncertainty, Events and Information Overflow Markus Schaal
March 14, 2005 Robust Signal Hashing for Images and Audio Kıvanç Mihcak
February 28, 2005 A Unified Low Level Analysis Framework for The Video Content Management Systems Umut Naci
January 24, 2005 Achieving Efficient Polynomial Multiplication in Finite Fields Using the Fast Fourier Transform Selcuk Baktir
January 14, 2005 ContextProxy: A Location-Aware HTTP Proxy Server to Support Web Based Context-Aware Services and Applications Alper Rifat Ulucinar
January 14, 2005 GUAP – A Strong User Authentication Protocol for GSM Ozer Aydemir
January 07, 2005 Evolution of Microprocessors Oguz Ergin

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