Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University


Date Title Speaker

December 29, 2014 Knowledge Discovery on Omics Data Using Biochemical Networks Dr. Ercüment Çiçek
December 26, 2014 Genome Scaffolding Using Pooled Clone Sequencing Elif Dal
December 25, 2014 Pipelined Fission for Stream Programs with Dynamic Selectivity and Partitioned State Habibe Güldamla Özsema
December 19, 2014 S3-TM : Scalable Streaming Short Text Matching Fuat Basık
December 15, 2014 Model-Driven Architecture Based Software Testing Using Architecture Viewpoints Burak Uzun
December 15, 2014 Scalable Disk Layout Techniques for Graphs Abdurrahman Yaşar
December 15, 2014 Interactive Crowd Simulation on Mobile Devices for Augmented Reality Environments Ateş Akaydın
December 08, 2014 A co-routine based auto-parallel stream processing engine Semih Şahin
December 08, 2014 Locality Aware State Management in Distributed Stream Processing Applications Muhammed Yağmur Şahin
December 08, 2014 Murmur Detection and Classification through Heart Sound Segmentation Devrim Şahin
December 01, 2014 Sentinel: A Dynamic Security Policy Checker For Firefox Extensions Mustafa Battal
December 01, 2014 A Scalable Cache Coherence Scheme for Shared Memory Chip-Multiprocessor Systems Mohammad Reza Soltaniyeh
December 01, 2014 Adaptation of Co-occurrence Matrices to the Low and Higher Level Image Representations Mustafa Ilker Sarac
November 24, 2014 A Plaintext Recovery Attack Against RC4A Mehmet Karahan
November 17, 2014 Automating Motion Retargetting by Skeleton Based Matching Tolga Dışpınar
November 10, 2014 A New Parallel Algorithm for Computing the Minimum Norm Solution of Underdetermined Linear Systems Fahreddin Şükrü Torun
November 10, 2014 Archieving the Optimal Performance-Power Ratio by Reconfiguring the MPSoC in Computation,Communication and Memory Domains Naveed UI Mustafa
November 10, 2014 Multiple Player Tracking for Soccer Video Analysis Sermetcan Baysal
October 20, 2014 Security and Privacy in the Age of Big Data: The Case of Genomics Erman Ayday
October 20, 2014 Role of Documentation in Object-Oriented Software Development Dr. Uğur Doğrusöz
October 17, 2014 Cyber-Physical Security in Future Cities David Yau
September 08, 2014 Parallel Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Techniques For Shared Memory Architectures Mehmet Başaran
September 05, 2014 Increasing Data Reuse in Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector and Matrix-Transpose-Vector Multiply on Shared-Memory Architectures Mustafa Ozan Karsavuran
September 05, 2014 Locality Aware Reordering for Sparse Triangular Solve Tuğba Torun
September 03, 2014 Efficient Result Caching Mechanisms in Search Engines Fethi Burak Sazoğlu
August 28, 2014 Model-Based Camera Tracking for Augmented Reality Aytek Aman
August 25, 2014 Bias Correction in Finding Copy Number Variation with Using Read Depth-Based Methods in Exome Sequencing Data Fatma Balcı
August 25, 2014 Input Modeling with Markov Models Peter Buchholz
August 20, 2014 Supporting Socio-technical Software Ecosystems with Stream-based Human Computation Mert Emin Kalender
August 20, 2014 Architecture-Driven Fault-Based Testing for Software Safety Havva Gülay Gürbüz
August 11, 2014 Musical Instrument Source Separation Melik Berkan Ercan
August 11, 2014 Leveraging Large Scale Data for Video Retrieval Anıl Armağan
August 11, 2014 Mining Web Images for Concept Learning Eren Gölge
August 04, 2014 Activity Analysis for Assistive Systems Ahmet İşcen
July 24, 2014 Network-Aware Virtual Machine Placement in Datacenters with Multiple Traffic-Intensive Components Amir Rahimzadeh Ilkhechi
July 24, 2014 Energy Efficient IP-Connectivity with IEEE 802.11 for Home M2M Networks İhsan Mert Özçelik
July 23, 2014 Methods and Tools for Visualization and Management of SBGN Process Description Maps Mecit Sarı
July 23, 2014 Automated Layout of Process Description Maps Drawn in Systems Biology Graphical Notation Begüm Genç
July 23, 2014 A Layout Algorithm For Graphs with Overlapping Clusters Can Çağdaş Cengiz
July 15, 2014 Iterative Estimation of Robust Gaussian Mixture Models in Heterogeneous Data sets Caner Mercan
July 10, 2014 An Exploration of Technical Debt Aybüke Aurum
July 10, 2014 Efficient Social Network Analysis on Big Data Platform Hidayet Aksu
July 09, 2014 Making Offline Analyses Continuous Kıvanç Muşlu
July 04, 2014 Unsupervised Segmentation and Ordering of Cervical Cells Nermin Samet
July 03, 2014 Skill Learning Based Catching Motion Control Gökçen Çimen
July 03, 2014 Data-Driven Synthesis of Realistic Human Motion Using Motion Graphs Hüseyin Dirican
June 17, 2014 Volumetric Rendering Techniques for Material Visualization Erhan Okuyan
June 16, 2014 HTTP Adaptive Streaming Enhancements for Large-Scale Deployments Ali C. Beğen
June 03, 2014 DDS Middleware and Data Centric Architecture Hüseyin Kutluca
May 5, 2014 Performance Evaluation of Sparse Triangular Solve For Autotuned Kernels Tuğba Uzluer Torun
May 5, 2014 What is usual in unusual videos? Trajectory snippet histograms for discovering unusualness Anıl Armağan
May 5, 2014 S3-TM: Scalable Streaming Short Text Matching Fuat Basık
April 28, 2014 Whole Genome Inversion Detection Marzieh E. Rasekh
April 28, 2014 Discovery of Copy Number Variation Using Exome Sequencing Data Fatma Balcı
April 28, 2014 A Disk-Based Graph Database System with Incremental Storage Layout Optimization Doğukan Çağatay
April 28, 2014 Musical Instrument Source Separation in Unison Mixtures Berkan Ercan
April 21, 2014 Methods and Tools for Effective Visualization of SBGN-PD (Systems Biology Graphical Notation-Process Description) Diagrams Mecit Sari
April 21, 2014 Pipelined Fission in Data Stream Processing Habibe Güldamla Özsema
April 21, 2014 Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images Acar Erdinç
April 14, 2014 Multi-Document News Summarization Using Sentence Containment Tolga Çekiç
April 14, 2014 A Fully Decentralized Location Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Amir Rahimzadeh Ilkhechi
April 07, 2014 What and How Students Search for Learning Arif Usta
April 07, 2014 Mining Noisy Web Data for Concept Learning Eren Gölge
April 07, 2014 Designing SaaS for Scalability Onur Özcan
April 03, 2014 Two-Tier Tissue Decomposition for Histopathological Image Representation and Classification Tunç Gültekin
March 31, 2014 A Supervised Learning Model for Live Cell Segmentation Can Fahrettin Koyuncu
March 31, 2014 Model-based testing approach for software safety Havva Gülay Gürbüz
March 31, 2014 Energy Efficient IP-Connectivity with IEEE 802.11 for the Home M2M Networks İhsan Mert Özçelik
March 31, 2014 Integrating Social Factors into Mobile Local Search Basri Kahveci
March 24, 2014 Performance Evaluation of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Intel Xeon Phi Architecture Mustafa Ozan Karsavuran
March 24, 2014 Mobile Visual Search Fatih Çalışır
March 24, 2014 Building Cell Maps: Status and Challenges Emek Demir
February 21, 2014 Local Context Based Linear Text Segmentation Hayrettin Erdem
January 24, 2014 SSFT: Selective Software Fault Tolerance Tuncer Turhan
January 21, 2014 Top-k Link Recommendation for Development of P2P Social Networks Yusuf Aytaş
January 16, 2014 Sentence Based Topic Modeling Can Taylan Sarı

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