Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University


Date Title Speaker

December 28, 2012 Architecting and Exploiting Asymmetry in Multi-Core Architectures Onur Mutlu
December 27, 2012 Lexical Cohesion Analysis for Topic Segmentation, Summarization and Keyphrase Extraction Gönenç Ercan
December 26, 2012 Characteristics of Web-Based Textual Communications Tayfun Kücükyılmaz
December 24, 2012 Optimization Techniques and New Methods for Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing Schemes Murat Ak
November 26, 2012 Human Motion Synthesis with Motion Graphs Hüseyin Dirican
November 26, 2012 Cloud Based Protection Against Malware Based APT Attacks Yakup Korkmaz
November 26, 2012 Testing Properties of Discrete Distributions Tuğkan Batu
November 19, 2012 Diverse Sequence Alignment on BLAST Results Elif Eser
November 19, 2012 Random Delay Assistance for Location Privacy in VANETs Satiye Albakır Çatal
November 19, 2012 Aggregate Profile Clustering via Distributed Stream Processing Mehmet Ali Abbasoglu
November 12, 2012 Retargeting Human-Motion Capture Data to Arbitrary 3D Mesh Characters in a Cartoon Style Setting Ufuk Çelikcan
November 12, 2012 Perceptual Caricaturization of 3d Models Gökçen Çimen
November 12, 2012 ChiBE: A Tool for Visualizing and Editing BioPAX Pathway Models Merve Çakır
November 06, 2012 Streaming Algorithms for k-core Decomposition Ahmet Erdem Sarıyüce
November 5, 2012 Parallel Counting of k-mers in DNA Sequences Erkan Okuyan
November 5, 2012 Thousands of Alignments For Resequencing Applications Using Graphics Processing Unit Mustafa Korkmaz
November 5, 2012 Improving the Performance of Similarity Joins Using Graphics Processing Unit Zeynep Korkmaz
October 15, 2012 Link Recommendation in P2P Social Networks Yusuf Aytas
October 15, 2012 Design for QoS in DDS based systems using Aspect-Oriented Software Development Ömer Koksal
October 11, 2012 Efficient Cryptography for the Next Generation Secure Cloud Alptekin Küpçü
October 08, 2012 Estimating precise camera parameters for augmented reality using 3D-2D registration methods on mobile devices Aytek Aman
October 08, 2012 Constructing Robotic Plans in a Heuristic-Based Theorem Prover Sitar Kortik
September 25, 2012 From Genome to Function to Variation Arif Özgün Harmanci
September 11, 2012 A Bipartite Graph Model for Placement, Scheduling and Replication in Data Grids Burcu Dal
September 11, 2012 Smart Markers for Watershed-Based Cell Segmentation Can Fahrettin Koyuncu
September 10, 2012 Model-Driven Engineering of Software Architecture Viewpoints Elif Demirli
September 07, 2012 Real-time fur rendering, simulation and physical effects Sinan Arıyürek
September 05, 2012 Tree-Based Channel Allocation Schemes for Multi-Channel Wireless Sensor Networks Çaglar Terzi
September 05, 2012 Image Information Mining Using Spatial Relationship Constraints Fatih Karakuş
September 05, 2012 Analysis of Web Search Queries with Very Few or No Results Erdem Sarıgil
September 05, 2012 Longitudinal Analysis of Search Engine Query Logs - Temporal Coverage Oğuz Yılmaz
September 05, 2012 Representation, Editing and Real-Time Visualization of Complex 3D Terrains Çetin Koca
September 03, 2012 Utilizing Query Logs For Data Replication and Placement in Big Data Applications Ata Türk
September 03, 2012 A Template-Independent Content Extraction Approach for News Web Pages Ahmet Yeniçağ
September 03, 2012 Cascaded Cross Entropy-Based Search Result Diversification Bilge Köroğlu
August 14, 2012 An Improved Spring Embedder Layout Algorithm for Compound Graphs Alper Karaçelik
August 07, 2012 A Tool Framework for Developing Context-Sensitive User Assistance Systems using Model-driven Aspect Weaving Murat Açar
August 06, 2012 Perceptual Watersheds for Cell Segmentation in Fluorescence microscopy images Salim Arslan
August 02, 2012 Object-Oriented Texture Analysis and Unsupervised Segmentation of Histopathological Images Akif Burak Tosun
July 16, 2012 Dual-Finger 3D Interaction Techniques For Mobile Devices Can Telkenaroğlu
July 19, 2012 Multiple View Human Activity Recognition Selen Pehlivan
July 18, 2012 Designing Security for a Future Internet Architecture: The Case of Named Data Networking Ersin Uzun
July 10, 2012 Cubist Style Rendering of 3D Virtual Environments Sami Arpa
July 6, 2012 Aspect Based Opinion Mining on Turkish Tweets Esra Akbaş
June 20, 2012 Visual Attention Models and Applications for 3-D Computer Graphics M. Abdullah Bülbül
June 18, 2012 Perceived Quality Estimation in Object-Space for Animated 3D Models Işıl Doğa Yakut
June 08, 2012 Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks: From Analyzing Trends to Stopping Misinformation Amr El Abbadi
June 08, 2012 Delivering the Promise of Scalable and Elastic Data Management in the Cloud Amr El Abbadi
June 07, 2012 A Depth Perception Aware Pen-Based 3D Sketching System Cansın Yıldız
June 06, 2012 Computational Strategies for Understanding How Biological Networks Function Tamer Kahveci
May 28, 2012 Risk Analysis and Partial Vertex Cover in Bipartite Graphs Buğra Çaşkurlu
May 14, 2012 Computational Genomics and Analysis of High Throughput Sequence Data Can Alkan
May 14, 2012 Cryptanalysis of Random Number Generators of Operating Systems Serkan Sarıtaş
May 14, 2012 A Tree-Based Channel Allocation Scheme for Multi-Channel Wireless Sensor Networks Çağlar Terzi
May 14, 2012 Characterizing and Handling Queries with Very Few or No Results Erdem Sarıgil
May 14, 2012 GPGPU Accelerated Mapping of High Throughput Sequence Reads Mustafa Korkmaz
May 07, 2012 Perception Based Camera Control and Automatic Adjustment of Stereoscopic 3D Display Parameters Elif Bengü Kevinç
May 07, 2012 Cluster Ensemble Framework for Hypergraph Partitioning Onur Özbek
May 07, 2012 Longitudinal Analysis of Search Engine Query Logs – Temporal Coverage Oğuz Yılmaz
May 07, 2012 Linear Text Segmentation by Topic Hayrettin Erdem
May 02, 2012 Predicting HIV-1, Host Protein-Protein Interactions Öznur Taştan
April 30, 2012 Architectural Publish/Subscribe Paradigm Analysis on Distributed Simulation Interfaces Aytuğ Murat Aydın
April 30, 2012 Smart Markers for Watershed-Based Segmentation of Living Cells Can Fahrettin Koyuncu
April 30, 2012 Sequence Based Classification for Automated Diagnosis and Grading of Cancer Gülden Olgun
April 17, 2012 Mining a Million Books: Partial Duplicate Detection,Translation Identification and OCR Evaluation İsmet Zeki Yalnız
April 16, 2012 Learning a Model to Suggest Best Feature Values for the Desired Class Label Gizem Mısırlı
April 16, 2012 A Bipartite Graph Model for Placement, Scheduling and Replication in Data Grids Burcu Dal
April 16, 2012 Modelling of Social Cascades with Recurrent Neural Networks Mirun Akyüz
April 16, 2012 Effective Kernel Mapping for OpenCL Applications in Heterogeneous Platforms Ömer Erdil Albayrak
April 09, 2012 Reducing Dependant-Data Application Costs with Co-Placement on HDFS H.Saygın Arkan
April 09, 2012 A Tool Framework for Developing Context-Sensitive User Assistance Systems using Model-driven Aspect Weaving Murat Açar
April 09, 2012 Satisfying Interoperability, Portability and Maintainability Requirements of Safety-Critical Avionics Systems by Utilizing Model-Driven Software Development Nagehan Pala Er
April 02, 2012 Auto-parallelization Framework to Leverage Emerging Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures İsmail Aktürk
April 02, 2012 Abstract for Hardware Sensitive Job Scheduling for Cloud Computing Tuncer Turhan
March 26, 2012 A Performatory Analysis of the Phrase "It is true that" and Its Utilization in Opinion Mining Mahmut Burak Şenol
March 26, 2012 Virtual Sculpting and Pottery Making with Advanced Human Machine Interfaces Nurettin Çağrı Kılıboz
March 26, 2012 Model Based Architecture Testing Murat Tuncer
March 19, 2012 Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Dual Heterogeneous Radios Özge Uyanık
March 19, 2012 Mobile User Authentication Using EAP-SIM Integrated With OpenID Bahar Berna Akkoç
March 19, 2012 Using Shape Information From Natural Tree Landmarks for Improving Slam Performance Bilal Turan
March 12, 2012 Chisio Web: A Web-Based Framework for Customizable Visualization of Relational Information Selçuk Onur Sümer
March 05, 2012 Augmented Cloth Fitting with Real Time Physics Simulation using Time-Of-Flight Cameras Umut Gültepe
March 05, 2012 Retargeting Human Motion to Non-Humanoid Meshes İlker Oğuzhan Yaz
March 05, 2012 A Parallel Sparse Solver and Its Relation to Graphs and Hypergraphs Mustafa Gündoğan
March 05, 2012 Augmented Cloth Fitting with Real Time Physics Simulation using Time-Of-Flight Cameras Umut Gültepe
January 25, 2012 Codet: A New Algorithm for Containment and Near Duplicate Document Detection in Text Corpora Emre Varol
January 11, 2012 An Actuated Flexible Spinal Mechanism for A Bounding Quadrupedal Robot Utku Culha
January 03, 2012 TCF: Tensor clustering framework on multiple-biomarker tensors for sublineage structure analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex Cagri Ozcaglar
January 02, 2012 Auto-parallelization in Data Stream Processing Systems Buğra Gedik

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