Moodle Step-by-step

by David Davenport

In case of difficulty, please see my proposed Moodle FAQ's.

This document shows screen-shots of the Moodle course creation process I followed during Fall 2008/9 semester. We used Moodle v1.9 and the automated account and course creation facilities developed by the BITS/BETS group to ensure that user and course details are automatically kept inline with official university records.



Updates for Spring 2009/2010 - only change that springs (no pun intended) to mind, is that everyone must now explicitly log in to Moodle, rather than being automatically logged in via STARS. A few minor changes to the interface should make life easier too, hopefully!

Updates for Fall 2009/2010 - the only real change from previous semesters is that multi-section courses are automatically combined into Moodle meta-courses This affects only course creation and is intended to streamline the process in the majority of cases (so there is no need to wait for moodle admins to combine the course-sections for you).


Last updated:  Cuma, 17 Eylül 2010