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Date Title Speaker

December 25, 2019 Accelerating Genome Sequence Analysis via Efficient Hardware-Algorithm Co-Design Damla Şenol Çalı
December 24, 2019 The interplay of Novel Computing Paradigms, Device Scaling and Energy Efficiency in Computing Asst. Prof. Dr. İsmail Aktürk
December 23, 2019 Programmable robotic self-assemblies: order, functionality and adaptation from the bottom-up Utku Çulha
December 16, 2019 Domain Specific Processor for Graph Applications Using Scratchpad Memory Gülce Pulat
December 16, 2019 Deceit Detection From Behavioral Cues Burak Mandıra
December 16, 2019 Improving the Usability of Static Analysis Tools Using Machine Learning Uğur Koç
December 13, 2019 Towards Unifying Mobility Datasets Fuat Basık
December 13, 2019 Stance Detection: A Review Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek Küçük
December 09, 2019 Epileptic seizure detection Elmira Khajei
December 09, 2019 Spatiotemporal and Multimodal Analysis of Personality Traits Dersu Giritlioğlu
December 09, 2019 Accelerating Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on FPGA Mert Kara
December 09, 2019 Topology-preserving and Shape-preserving Loss in Image Segmentation Furkan Hüseyin
December 03, 2019 Secure Data Outsourcing to Cloud Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alptekin Küpçü
December 02, 2019 Hierarchical Embedded Platform Development for Autonomous Driving Ege Berkay Gülcan
December 02, 2019 Keyword Mapping for Natural Language Queries in Relational Databases Akifhan Karakayalı
December 02, 2019 End-to-End Spatio-Temporal Pain Intensity Estimation Diyala Nabeel Ata Erekat
December 02, 2019 Efficient Video Service and Data Caching in 5G Mobile Edge Clouds Afra Dömeke
November 25, 2019 Investigating the Validity of Ground Truth in Code Reviewer Recommendation Studies Emre Doğan
November 25, 2019 Reuse-Centric CNN Accelerator for Efficient Inferences Nihat Mert Çiçek
November 25, 2019 Identifying the Most Valuable Developers using Artifact Traceability Graphs H. Alperen Çetin
November 25, 2019 Stale Data Problem in Parallel Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms Orhun Çağlayan
November 07, 2019 Multi-Task Networks for Coloring, Counting and Cliff-Diving Prof. Dr. Cees Snoek
October 08, 2019 Modeling individual and group behavior in complex interactive systems Dr. Onur Varol
September 13, 2019 Paralog specific gene copy number discovery within segmental duplications Emre Doğru
September 10, 2019 Hybrid Fog-Cloud Based Data Distribution for Internet of Things Applications Fırat Karataş
September 10, 2019 DeepSide: Predicting Drug Side Effects with Deep Learning Onur Can Üner
September 09, 2019 On-the-fly Ensemble Classifier Pruning in Evolving Data Streams Sanem Elbaşı
September 06, 2019 Breakpoint refinement of genomic structural variation using split read analysis Balanur İçen
September 06, 2019 A cryptocurrency incentivized voluntary grid computing platform for DNA read alignment Halil İbrahim Özercan
September 06, 2019 Coloring for Distributed-Memory-Parallel Gauss-Seidel Algorithm Onur Koçak
September 03, 2019 Discovering Regulatory Non-Coding RNA Interactions Gülden Olgun
September 02, 2019 Learning Efficient Visual Embedding Models Under Data Constraints Mert Bülent Sarıyıldız
August 08, 2019 High Level Synthesis Based FPGA Implementation of Matricized Tensor Times Khatri-Rao Product to Accelerate Canonical Polyadic Decomposition Zahit Saygın Doğu
August 08, 2019 Parafac-Spark: Parallel Tensor Decompositions on Spark Selim Eren Bekçe
August 08, 2019 Partitioning Models for Scaling Distributed Graph Computations Gündüz Vehbi Demirci
August 08, 2019 Conversational Agent Expressing Ocean Personality and Emotions Using Laban Movement Analysis and Nonverbal Communication Cues Sinan Sonlu
August 07, 2019 Fast and Efficient Model Parallelism for Deep Convolutional Neural Nerworks Burak Eserol
August 05, 2019 Analyzing the Effect of Kinship for Re-identification Attacks in Genomic Data Sharing Beacons Miray Ayşen
August 02, 2019 Boosting Fully Convolutional Networks for Gland Instance Segmentation in Histopathological Images Gözde Nur Güneşli
August 01, 2019 Diverse SNP Selection for Epistasis Test Prioritization Gizem Çaylak
July 30, 2019 Multimodal Analysis for Apparent Personality and Emotion Estimation Prof. Dr. Albert Ali Salah
July 22, 2019 Computation of Emotions Prof. Dr. Peter Robinson
July 11, 2019 Multimodal Video-based Personality Recognition Using Long Short-Term Memory and Convolutional Neural Networks Cihan Eryonucu
July 11, 2019 Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Aggregate Location Queries via Homomorphic Encryption and Multiparty Computation Selçuk Aslan
July 11, 2019 GOOWE-ML: A Novel Online Stacked Ensemble for Multi-label Classification in Data Streams Alican Büyükçakır
June 27, 2019 Source-to-Source Transformation Based Methodology for Graph-Parallel FPGA Accelerators Cemil Kaan Akyol
May 31, 2019 Early Diagnosis of Breakdown Through Transfer Learning Seren Özbek
May 27, 2019 Computational Prototypes and Biomarkers for Mobile Health Sensing Dr. Ahmet Ozan Bicen
May 24, 2019 Big mechanisms for big data Prof. Emek Demir
May 22, 2019 Model-free Methods for Inferring Networks in Molecular Biological Systems Prof. Mingzhou (Joe) Song
May 06, 2019 Deceit Detection in Videos Using Facial Expressions Oğuzhan Çalıkkasap
May 06, 2019 Ray Tracing Static and Dynamic Scenes using Tetrahedral Mesh Hybrid Acceleration Structures Serkan Demirci
May 06, 2019 Weakly Supervised Region of Interest Classification in Breast Histopathology Images Bulut Aygüneş
May 06, 2019 Differentially Private Watermarking for Sequential Data Using Belief Propagation A. Çağlar Öksüz
May 06, 2019 ASD-Tailored Biclustering Model for Early Autism Disorder Diagnosis Alper Eroğlu
May 03, 2019 Genomic signatures of immune system aging Dr. Duygu Uçar
May 02, 2019 High-Performance Computing at a Crossing Road: From Exascale and Convergence to Post-Moore's Law Processors Prof. Tarek El-Ghazawi
April 29, 2019 Cancer Subtype Detection Using Multi View Structural Kernels on Metabolic Pathways Furkan M. Akdemir
April 29, 2019 Speak Memory: Gender Distinction and Language Change Quantification from Memoirs of Old-time Movie Goers Sevil Çalışkan
April 29, 2019 Layout algorithm for Compound Graphs with Port Constraints Alihan Okka
April 29, 2019 Development of LEON3-FT Emulator Based on QEMU for Fault Tolerant Satellite Flight Software Kenan Çağrı Hırlak
April 22, 2019 Predicting Carbon Spectrum in Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Spectroscopy for Online Feedback During Surgery Emin Onur Karakaşlar
April 22, 2019 Diverse SNP Selection for Epistasis Test Prioritization Gizem Çaylak
April 22, 2019 Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Optimal Location Queries Using Homomorphic Encryption and Multiparty Computation Cihan Eryonucu
April 22, 2019 Unsupervised Deep Binary Representation Learning for Breast Histopathology Images Yiğit Özen
April 03, 2019 Deep Convolutional Network for Tumor Bud Detection Soner Koç
March 12, 2019 Deep Feature Representations and Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning of Whole Slide Breast Histopathology Images Caner Mercan
March 11, 2019 Learning for Intelligent Systems Dr. Sedat Özer
March 04, 2019 Attractiveness Computing using Artificial Intelligence Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toshihiko Yamasaki
February 15, 2019 Efficient Querying of SBGN Maps Stored in a Graph Database Mustafa Enes Karaca
February 11, 2019 Matrix Factorization with Stochastic Gradient Descent for Recommender Systems Ömer Faruk Aktulum
February 7, 2019 Reducing Processor-Memory Performance Gap and Improving Network-on-Chip Throughput Naveed Ul Mustafa
February 4, 2019 Graph Embeddings on Protein Interaction Networks Halil İbrahim Kuru
January 7, 2019 Blockchain as a Database and Cryptocurrencies Prof. Dr. Abdullah Uz Tansel

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