Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University


Date Title Speaker

December 27, 2016 Reducing Communication Volume Overhead In Large-Scale Parallel SpGEMM Başak Ünsal
December 19, 2016 Construction and comparison of gene expression networks through normal and cancer states Pegah Khosravi
December 12, 2016 From Interactions to Evolving Relationships Mehmet Ali Abbasoğlu
December 12, 2016 Energy Efficient Container Consolidation with CPU Usage Prediction in Data Centers Gökalp Urul
December 05, 2016 Analyzing Graph Analytics Algorithms for Performance Funda Atik
December 05, 2016 Object Detection Using Optical and Lidar Data Fusion Onur Taşar
December 05, 2016 Deep Learning for Histopathological Image Modeling Can Taylan Sarı
December 05, 2016 Adjusting Wireless Links in Wireless Data Centers Çağlar Terzi
November 28, 2016 A Privacy-Preserving Solution for the Bipartite Ranking Problem Noushin Salek Faramarzi
November 28, 2016 Genetic Indistinguishability: Differential Privacy Approach for Genome Privacy Preserving Mohammad Mobayenjarihani
November 28, 2016 Discovering Story Chains: A Framework Based on Zigzagged Search and News Actors Çağrı Toraman
November 28, 2016 On Vector-Kronecker Product Multiplication With Rectangular Factors Muhsin Can Orhan
November 21, 2016 Convolutional Neural Network Cancer Classification in Tissue Images Troya Cağıl Köylü
November 21, 2016 Superpixel-Based Segmentation of Histopathological Images Mert Keser
November 21, 2016 Discovering Non-coding RNA Regulatory Interactions Gülden Olgun
November 21, 2016 Multi-instance Multi-label Learning for Whole Slide Breast Histopathology Caner Mercan
November 14, 2016 TensorFlow - an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence A. Emre Inel
November 14, 2016 Privacy Preserving Patients Health Record against Brute-Force Attack Saharnaz E. Dilmaghani
November 14, 2016 Efficient Vectorization of General Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Mustafa Ozan Karsavuran
November 14, 2016 Fog Based Data Distribution (F-DADs) Service for IoT Applications Fırat Karataş
November 07, 2016 Cell Segmentation in Cancerous H&E Tissue Images Deniz Doğan
November 07, 2016 A New Inference Attack against Kin Genomic Privacy Fatma Kahveci
November 07, 2016 Cluster-based Profile Matching across Online Social Networks Anisa Halimi
November 07, 2016 The Effect of Dissecting out Proliferation from Cancer Dr. Erşen Kavak
October 31, 2016 Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing and Utilization between Entities Didem Demirağ
October 31, 2016 Incorporation of text mining for customer segmentation and voice record classification Mehmet Güvercin
October 31, 2016 Dynamic Level-of-Detail Visualization of Large Graphs Emir Gülümser
October 27, 2016 Embedded Systems in Intelligent Transportation Systems Prof. Smail Niar
October 26, 2016 Locality Aware Distibuted State Partitioning for Stream Processing Systems M. Yağmur Şahin
October 24, 2016 Fully Convolutional Networks with Spectral Pooling Methods Onur Aydın
October 24, 2016 Learning to Generate Multi-View Representation of Objects for Multi-View Search Arda Ünal
October 24, 2016 Learning to Rank with Click Propagation in Educational Search Arif Usta
October 24, 2016 Diversity based Relevance Feedback for Time Series Search Bahaddin Eravcı
October 17, 2016 Protecting Geolocation Data against Brute-Force Attacks Dorukhan Arslan
October 17, 2016 Generating Time-Varying Road Network Data Using Sparse Trajectories Elif Eser
October 17, 2016 Techniques for efficient usage of SIMD instructions in Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Mehmet Başaran
October 17, 2016 On the tradeoff between Privacy and Utility in Genomic studies: Differential Privacy under Random Sampling Nour M. AlMadhoun
October 13, 2016 Perceptually-Driven Computer Graphics and Visualization Zeynep Çipiloğlu
October 10, 2016 An Efficient Model for Distributed Sparse Tensor Factorization Tuğba Torun
October 10, 2016 Online Task Allocation in Crowdsourced Delivery Fuat Basık
October 10, 2016 Enabling Fast and Accurate Read Alignment Mohammed Alser
October 10, 2016 Profile Matching Across Online Social Networks Volkan Küçük
September 21, 2016 Automatic Detection of Compound Structures by Joint Selection of Region Groups from Multiple Hierarchical Segmentations Hüseyin Gökhan Akçay
September 05, 2016 Real-Time Prediction Based Snow And Rain Accumulation in Virtual Environments Nail Akıncı
September 01, 2016 A Utilization Based Genetic Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing Systems Mustafa Can Çavdar
August 23, 2016 Software Tools for Visual Analysis of Cancer Genomics Data in the Context of Pathways İstemi Rahman Bahçeci
August 08, 2016 Reordering Methods for Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Localities in Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Nabil AbuBaker
August 08, 2016 Theoretical Foundations and Software Infrastructure of Biological Network Databases Mehmet Koyutürk
August 03, 2016 Network Biology Approaches Identify Dysregulated Disease Pathways and Predicts Prognosis Gürkan Bebek
July 29, 2016 A Weakly Supervised Clustering Method for Cancer Subgroup Identification Duygu Özçelik
July 28, 2016 Simulating Gaze Behavior of Virtual Crowds by Predicting Interest Points Umut Ağıl
July 27, 2016 Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer in Whole Slide Histopathology Images Using Deep Convolutional Networks Barış Geçer
July 27, 2016 GOOWE: Geometrically Optimum and Online-Weighted Ensemble Classifier for Evolving Data Streams Hamed Rezanejad Asl-bonab
July 27, 2016 Read Mapping Methods Optimized For Multiple GPGPUs Azita Nouri
July 26, 2016 Latency-centric models and methods for scaling sparse operations Reha Oğuz Selvitopi
July 21, 2016 Active Learning Methods Based On Statistical Leverage Scores Cem Orhan
July 21, 2016 Community-driven Comprehensive Representation of Disease Mechanisms Alexander Mazein
June 30, 2016 Improving Educational Search and Question Answering Tolga Yılmaz
June 27, 2016 Finding Hidden Hierarchy in Social Networks Süreyya Emre Kurt
June 27, 2016 Prototypes: Exemplar based video representation Özge Yalçınkaya
June 15, 2016 Model Field Particles With Positional Appearance Learning For Sports Player Tracking Sermetcan Baysal
June 14, 2016 Accelerator Design For Graph Analytics Şerif Yeşil
June 14, 2016 Stacked Job Scheduling on Virtual Machines with Containers in Cloud Computing Systems Mustafa Akın
May 5, 2016 Multimodal Data Fusion and Online Statistical Inference Yasin Yılmaz
May 2, 2016 Applying what you have learnt in the real world for practical benefit Mittu Sridhara
April 11, 2016 Energy Efficient Architecture for Graph Analytics Accelerators Şerif Yeşil
April 11, 2016 Prototypes: Exemplar based video representation Özge Yalçınkaya
April 04, 2016 A two-phase methodology for capturing true communication volume in graph partitioning Başak Ünsal
April 04, 2016 Parallel Overlapping Community Detection Murat Yusuf Taze
April 04, 2016 Selective Software Fault Tolerance Hakan Taşan
March 28, 2016 Active Learning by Statistical Leverage Scores Cem Orhan
March 28, 2016 Plane Augmented Reality Based on Lightning Mert Küçük
March 24, 2016 Survival Prediction via Partial Ordering in Feature Space and Sample Space Mustafa Büyüközkan
March 21, 2016 Kinship Inference from Public Genomic Databases and its Countermeasures Gülce Kale
March 21, 2016 Breast Cancer Detection and Recognition on Whole Slide Histopathology Images with Deep Convolutional Networks Barış Geçer
March 21, 2016 Hardware/Software Mechanisms to Enhance the Effectiveness of Directory Based Cache Coherence Erdem Derebaşoğlu
March 07, 2016 Finding Hidden Hierarchy in Directed Social Networks Süreyya Emre Kurt
March 07, 2016 Comparing Short Tandem Repeat Detection Algorithms Gülfem Demir
March 07, 2016 Cluster Labeling Using External Resources with Semantic Relatedness Filtering Melih Baydar
February 29, 2016 Improving Crowd Simulation by Learning From Real Events Ahmet Eren Başak
February 29, 2016 Cluster Labeling by External Sources Found by Queries and Data Fusion Gökçe Ayduğan
February 29, 2016 Improving Data Locality in Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Nabil Abubaker
February 22, 2016 Privacy-Preserving Location Analytics as a Service Emre Yılmaz
February 22, 2016 Algorithms for structural variation discovery using multiple sequence signatures Arda Söylev
February 22, 2016 Model-based Camera Tracking for Augmented Reality Aytek Aman
January 20, 2016 Designing Secure Mobile Messaging Over Internet Burak Kocuroğlu
January 13, 2016 A Disk-based Graph Database System with Incremental Storage Layout Optimization Doğukan Çağatay
January 7, 2016 Big Data and Dark Silicon: Taming Two IT Inflection Points on a Collision Course Babak Falsafi
January 4, 2016 Bayesian Analysis of Medical Images from Weak Supervision Melih Kandemir

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