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sigart logoBilkent ACM SIGART is a loose-knit group of people interested in all aspects of artificial intelligence. It holds regular, informal meetings which are open to anyone who wishes to turn up (beginners and experts are always welcome.) As part of ACM we also endeavour to educate and promote computing in general. Dates and times of meetings are announced below, as well as on SIGART's noticeboard on the 5th floor of the engineering faculty building and on various other noticeboards around the campus. We also send email notices to everyone on the SIGART email announcements list.

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Seminar organised by IEEE Turkey:

Why Artificial Intelligence is Very Hard

Theo Pavlidis

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University
( )

15:40 - Monday, Sept. 22nd
in  room: EA 409 (Engineering Building, Bilkent)

Abstract:The promise of computer programs that would replicate general human intelligence has been around for over 60 years but little progress has been made. In contrast, there has been significant progress in specific areas such as restricted speech recognition, chess playing, etc.

I will present the argument that human intelligence operates in quite different ways than computers and it relies on processes that are still poorly understood. Therefore progress can be made only when a task associated with human intelligence is reduced to an engineering description, a slow and hard process but one that has produced results in the past.


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