Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University


Date Title Speaker

May 02, 2018 High Throughput UDP-based Peer-to-Peer Secure Data Transfer Fadime Tuğba Doğan
April 10, 2018 Blockchain - A Technical Introduction Prof. Dr. Ali Aydın Selçuk
April 09, 2018 Breakpoint Refinement and quick Genotyping of Genomic Structural Variation Balanur İçen
April 09, 2018 Discovery of Structural Variations using Linked-Read Technology Fatih Karaoğlanoğlu
April 09, 2018 Validation of Biological Maps in SBGN Umut Utku Çalış
April 02, 2018 DeepSide: A Deep Learning Framework for Drug Side Effect Prediction Using Gene Expression Signatures Onur Can Üner
April 02, 2018 Recognition of Personality Traits from Five Factor Model Using Deep Convolutional LSTM Networks Süleyman Aslan
April 02, 2018 Re-Identification in Genomic Data Sharing Beacons via Kin Relationships Miray Ayşen
April 02, 2018 Predicting Optimal Facility Location Using Synthetic Data Generation Sanem Elbaşı
March 26, 2018 Distributed-memory parallelization of Gauss Seidel Algorithm Onur Koçak
March 26, 2018 A Template-Based Design Methodology for Graph-Parallel Hardware Accelerators using Source to Source Transformation Cemil Kaan Akyol
March 26, 2018 Interactive creation, editing, and sharing of cancer pathways by using pathway curation tool Leonard Dervishi
March 26, 2018 Modeling and Mitigating Online Misinformation Propagation using Game Theory and Blockchain Crowdsourcing Tolga Yılmaz
March 26, 2018 Machine Remaining Useful Life Prediction with Sequential Networks Seren Güldamlasıoğlu
March 26, 2018 Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Feedforward Neural Networks In Spectral Domain Onur Aydın
March 19, 2018 Reordering Methods for Improving the Performance of Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Many-Core Architectures Nabil Abubaker
March 19, 2018 Achieving Fairness and Utilization in Cloud-Native Workloads Using Intelligent Container Consolidation with Linux Cgroups Mustafa Akın
March 19, 2018 OCEAN aware Conversational Virtual Avatar Behavior based on Laban Movement Analysis Sinan Sonlu
March 19, 2018 View-Dependent Visualization of Rich Terrain with Level-of-Detail and Parallax Mapping on GPU Ömer Sinan Şahin
March 12, 2018 Spatio-Temporal Gene Discovery for Autism Spectrum Disorder Utku Norman
March 12, 2018 Machine Remaining Useful Life Prediction with Sequential Networks Seren Güldamlasıoğlu
March 12, 2018 SPADIS: An Algorithm for Selecting Predictive and Diverse SNPs in GWAS Serhan Yılmaz
March 12, 2018 Tensor Factorization and Its Applications Zahit Saygın Doğu
March 05, 2018 COINAMI: A Cryptocurrency Incentivized Voluntary Grid Computing for DNA Read Alignment Halil İbrahim Özercan
March 05, 2018 Diversity Measures in Online Ensemble Learners Nurettin Aykut Güven
March 05, 2018 Quantification and Protection of Genomic Privacy and Health Data Sinem Sav
March 05, 2018 Node-Wise Model Parallelism for Distributed Convolutional Neural Networks Burak Eserol
January 15, 2018 Unconstrained-Pose 2D Face Recognition by Matching Using Graphical Models Asst. Prof. Dr. Shervin Rahimzadeh Arashloo
January 11, 2018 Graph Problems in Call Models and Switching Networks Abdullah Atmaca
January 08, 2018 Energy-Efficient Dynamic Virtual Machine Allocation with CPU Usage Prediction in Cloud Datacenters Gökalp Urul
January 05, 2018 Analysis Of Parallel Iterative Graph Applications On Shared Memory Systems Funda Atik

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