CS515 - Reading List

You are responsible from mandatory reading items.
You are not responsible from further reading items, but I would suggest reading them if you are interested in those topics.


Mandatory Reading

Further Reading (Optional)

Radio Propagation

Mandatory Reading

Large-Scale Path Loss

Small-Scale Fading and Multipath

Modulation Techniques

Mandatory Reading

Wireless Media Access

Mandatory Reading

Further Reading

Routing and Handoff in Mobile Networks

Mandatory Reading

Further Reading

Experimental Systems

Mandatory Reading

Futher  Reading

Wireless Telecommunications Systems

Power and Wireless

Wireless Local Area Networks

Packet Radio Networks

Ad-Hoc Networks and Routing

Transport Protocols over Wireless

Quality of Service (QoS) in Mobile Wireless Networks


Next Generation Networks

Service Discovery

Sensor Networks


Please send any suggestions or corrections on the reading list to korpe@cs.bilkent.edu.tr.